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  1. Dam Watson! what else you keeping from us? post more whitegirls!
  2. shit like that gets you negged. Quit being gay and post. then maybe... you'll get props.
  3. Thinking about last years valentines day when I actually had a valentines.. Looks like a loney valentines day for me.
  4. Not if I can stop him. I still fucking hate jaer. Massgraff you stay gettin blumpkins.
  5. Pm me the whereabouts and if I'm in town I'll flick.
  6. Haha a rebellious thread? What the fuck. When are the mods gonna ban him? That's a very delicious pic watson.
  7. Hahaha I do though foreal it's been like 2 weeks already! I'll pay it tomorrow. I'll hit you up when I do playa. Haha my wii is all fucked up. It's in my closet just wasting space. I'll Be in Facebook though and we can poke eachother
  8. Post his screen name. Dam who else in here is a cold-blooded murderer?? I think symbols...
  9. Fucking Werm let's smoke you pan! You don't hit me up nomore.. We ain't friends anymore?
  10. maybe at times while i was posting you didn't check the sf thread,san jo thread(when it would be there) and this thread of cource. people who know me know i have posted many pics here trust me. you really think im a new member?. cause of my join date? haha i have many many pics. that i have posted on this site before. I just recently borrowed a camera to flick "new" shit. I'm not into re-post even though i have re-posted before. I'm not trippin though jaer. you just stay in salinas and flick shit around your block. and post your ill "graffiti" on here. and oh yea i still don't write haha.
  11. And again more tunnel shit.. And wack shit..
  12. maybe you guys didn't let him go bombing with you? that's why he went apeshit
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