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Everything posted by FruityLexia.

  1. False, i have no intrest in the kiling of any animals. tpbm has wrestled a wombat before.
  2. the taxi driver i was talking to last night when i was drunk said this movie was bolloks. he also said his favourite film ever was kick ass, so i dont know how much of his opinion i can really take serious.
  3. What i would do to her frontal lobe.
  4. Awesome thread, looks like a killer trip. Bump that renks throw up.
  5. I can swim, im not fast but i can definetly get shit done in the pool or ocean. When i was in singapore last week, this german girl who was at my hotel kept competing with me to swim under water the whole length of the pool, that shit killed me.
  6. thta didnt look very funnyat all, the whole concept is just horrible.
  7. I let people do there own thing and listen to what they want to, most of my friends have simmilar tastes to me, but there are those that dig some horrible shit like dub step and terrible terrible rap music. I will tell them what i think about it but im not gonna hold it against them for being shit when it comes to music. Some people who are into diffrent stuff than me would think i had a shit taste but i know there wrong so it's all good.
  8. Dont lie... you got scared. Scared of hitler.
  9. I like the part were you fuck the wife.
  10. His not a shit cunt his a cool guy. Isnt that right mr cool guy up there huh.
  11. wondering how long it has been since i last cut my toe nails, it's been a whil and the nail is thick. I dont know if im even going to be able to cut it now. What should i do?
  12. I only get drunk in social situations, and my social situations do not consist of the internet, unless i get home real shit faced and masturbate over internet porn untill i colapse.
  13. It should be mandatory that every child under 7 must wear a tuxedo at all times and havea drawn on moustache. That shit gets me everytime, im laughing just thinking about it.
  14. Did you do the swat sticker idea yet?
  15. This thread should be about Municipal Waste.
  16. How about buying a huge amount of toilet paper or bin liners. It always sucks when you run out of them, and this way you will always have some. If you have change put it into the charity collection, that way not only will you have ample toilet paper and bin liners. You'll be helping out people with less than you.
  17. Thats great swamp, she looks like a pretty rad baby. I hope my sister has a kid one day, and then i can be it's uncle and they can be my little friend. Babies always make me laugh though, there just little fat people. There awesome.
  18. Anyone who thinks education is lame or gay is a jerk. It's my favourite thing in the world after smoking marijuana and fucking teenagers.
  19. Just scratch a swat sticker into the toilet wall. Works a charm when stressed.
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