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Everything posted by FruityLexia.

  2. I think about what i wanna call my kids if i ever have any all the time, I have heard heaps of great ones over time, outrageous names are the shit, people named paul and jack and ben and shit like that suck. What would you like to name kids if and when they pop out? Mine are- Boy Scaramunga Yussef L____ Girl Riko Wolfenstien L_____ If you already have kids, i guess this does not concern you.
  3. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 Sydney was on this sbs program great cities of the world. im guessing it gets showed all over the world. It didnt show much but all the touristy kind of crap.. Saying that fir some reason they showed petersham train station and petersham rsl. Petersham for liaf.
  4. I know some of you guys like to think your criminals and all that, this kid is a straight up proper criminal, way better than you guys.
  5. FruityLexia.


    the outside of vaj's vagina resembles the gulf coast at the moment. Black muck and mud crabs walking around.
  6. I like to think my penis is the only one in exsitance, and by thinking this way it is also the largest in existance.
  7. Going to south east asia for 2 months for my 21st birthday, then im off to turkey in december to work on my friends family hotel and save to go back packing around europe.. Now all i gotta do is get through the next 2 months eating good food, partying with good friends and drawing. lifes going alright.
  8. FruityLexia.


    Batman moved the bat cave into vajs pussy. he likes the extra room.
  9. Eating cereal, nursing hangover while i do my tax return. Im getting distracted.
  10. FruityLexia.


    The australian government is using vaj's pussy to house illegal immigrants as they wait to be processed.
  11. this is what you all get for turning your back on god and bojangles.
  12. FruityLexia.


    I heard the deceptacons new base is located in vaj's vagina. They share it with a gang of spider crabs.
  13. How does one paint a train like the one up there?
  14. ^^I know youre not suppose to judge a book by it's cover, but judging by the cover that looks like a pile of absolute shit. 3rd Murakami book i have read.
  15. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? This might just be me i m not sure. but i cant see a girl, all i see is some pale ass humping the grooves of a couch.
  16. FruityLexia.


    Mr cool guy up there.
  17. Earl you cant ban someone for being sexualy un-aware and overly horny on the internet. You would have to ban half ch0 if thats the case.
  18. troofandroomaz the true disco king of 12ozprophet.
  19. FruityLexia.


    I heard that vaj smokes crystal meth through her vagina. The pipe just fits right up there and through all the years of being a filthy whore and having sex with various graffiti gangs her dowstairs muscles have learnt to contract in such a way that crystal meth can be smoked. I was told it's a pretty intense sight to behold.
  20. I was on a flight from singapore about a month ago, and when i was up ther, we flew past a rainbow that looked like it was going out of the atosphere. Pretty intense sight. Sadly it was only one rainbow and i wasnt on drugs.
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