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  1. A guy I know recently got back from the states, he was really chuffed because he got a marijuana card for 50 dollars and spent all his time buying and smoking weed. When asked what else he liked, he didnt have the same gusto as when he talked about the weed.
  2. I gotta get out of here, this is to much to fathom right now.
  3. i was just listening to American beauty, much respect and admiration for the grateful dead, been listening to them since i was a little guy and the love has never ceased. Props to who started this thread. RIP Jerry Garcia.
  4. I don't see whats funny here, if I made a mistake and am talking about something different to what old mate mentioned then yes "lolocaust", but if not then i stick by what i said.
  5. I was living for the old boys hair cut and side bruise, a great combination.
  6. I read an article not to long ago about Krokodil, it sounds positively horrible. Russian heroin addicts were cooking the stuff up when they couldn't get heroin. It's made of Iodine and all kinds of industrial products. You use this stuff? I'm not one to push my beliefs on whet people should put in there body, but you should probably stop that bud.
  7. Looks like a fun show, also i dont like the mixture of wu tang and fugazi.
  8. FruityLexia.


    I highly doubt the american version of this show will be anywhere near as funny as the Australian, simply because of the humor wont be able to transcribe.t That said it would be worth checking out. Also why is it that shows need to be re made?, can they not just get the rights to the original and then play them? I remember this episode were Wilfred was just smoking cones on the couch, it was like looking into the mirror with me and my dog, chilling.
  9. I would smash her in a red shirt, and then burn down bangkok if she didnt preform correctly.
  10. One of the books that really got me into literature, this was about 5 years ago. Many thanks to ol boy Albert and his existentialism. Just finishing this on my day off, before that, i read some Mishima. I tried to read another of his books after this called spring snow. it was just heavy and slow, I couldn't get past a hundred pages, if you have trouble sleeping i suggest it.
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