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Everything posted by FruityLexia.

  1. You should squirt your way to another forum.
  2. Australian websites will still be around right? All those great Australian websites outthere
  3. I wonder if many people have been robbed or beaten with those vuvulesala things.
  4. This bloke e was just getting fucked up with a bunch of black people, then switched the stroy on them to make them look like criminals, which im sure they already were but none the less. His a horrible man this london fellow. I for one will not be having anything to do with him.
  5. My nights really have gotta change, i think ive missed 3 games so far. Fuck it im not working right now. Last nights games were great, so happy with Japans win. Portugal v.s Ivory coast on now.
  6. Wow these guys are doing alot better than the guy i buy drugs off some times, i mean that guy doesnt even have a clean glass for water to use when i go over.
  7. So whats your only remaining pair of panties smelling like over there 50?
  8. fucking salamians scoring goals and shit.
  9. Is it just me or was the first 2 games, some of the most boring football ever?
  10. The only band i have any intrest in would be D.R.I, alos i can imgagine there being so many heinous people there it would ruin even that. I will stick to going to shows, festivals are lame and full of retards on drugs.
  11. I much prefer English people to American people, they are also alot better at football.
  12. last night i drank alot of beers and then when i woke up my crap was a wet muddy substance.
  13. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 i would definetly let them clean the shaft of my penis.
  14. Thats a heinous thing to do to someone, but how could she not know and where do i find toilets with little holes in the wall like that?
  15. I buy records and clothes thats about it. I got a cats skull the other day. Still waiting for it though. The internet is great.
  16. Looking forward to tonight, got a show to go to, then gonna go watch the first game with my old man. His a hoot when he drinks, and we will be drinking. ALOT.
  17. shes online, we already cyber sexd, it was great, she really is freeki.
  18. Paying for sex is like paying for cocaine. I just do not do it, but somtimes it comes around for free, and i have more fun that way.
  19. Preparing for a night of beer and possibly mexican food. And trying to get over the run from a security guard with num chucks i had today.
  20. I have no idea who christeezy is.
  21. I cant say i agree with the views of anyone in this thread. Some woman are filthy garbage bin pussy smelling girls, others are not. maybe it's just that you hang around the wrong type of girls becasue your not the type of person good woman want to have anything to do with. i think thats what it is.
  22. Blipster, i love this word, please explain more what it means, i would really love to start calling people this.
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