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  1. I would not pay. Not in the road not in any mode Not on a street not in the heat. I will not pay to speed Even if I'm driving to spread my seed.
  2. as i said before I WILL SMASH THOSE BOWELS
  3. I barely post in here though i tend to read some, i hate mixing politics with lulz. but why does this question even need to be answered? What is it going to change? Most if not all people who believe in a god would not be reading steven hawking or even know who he is. i dont believe in a god or boogie men or anything, but i dont throw it at people and i cant prove it. its like telling guidos tanning is bad for your skin, or steroids are harmful. why the contempt steve? i feel like he might as well have a bible in his hand yelling "God did create the universe" same principal
  4. this thread was dope when chupa made it a year ago now its just kinda dope
  5. i just had a headache this |..........................| big i took excedrin and it went away
  6. well i dont have a remedy per se, bc i dont have bad foot odor myself, but if its based on bacteria, buy a huge refill of hand sanitizer and put it on your feet. (its guaranteed to kill 99.9% of germs/bacteria, no?) fuck it, soak your feet in it completely for a few minutes up to ankles, because that stuff doesn't work unless your hands are covered for 20 seconds or more, then dont wear the same shoes that have the funk in them because im sure there is bacteria living in there off of the dead skin from your feet, and they will just re infect your feet again, what have you go to lose, if youre desperate and hit rock bottom already. ive done some weird shit when im at the end of my rope. 9 out of 10 its a total failure but the one time it hits, i use over and over for years. tldr but i aint no doctor
  7. listen. ive been trying to tell myself that for the last few years bc 5guys is here, and in n out is not. ive also told myself don mattingly was going to come out of retirement at the end of 1996 and win a ring. its just unrealistic
  8. in n out is hands down the best semi-fastfood burger of all time. kanye.jpg
  9. bad smells are usually cause from bacteria poop. including bad breath. whatever nasty bacteria is eating the dead skin on your foot, shits a mean cheese. neutralize the bacteria and the odor will more then likely cease. it probably lives in under and between your toe nails.
  10. I got negged for silly colored fonts n for making a thread on my car.
  11. i never really considered what the childhood one of those bitches you see eating horse cum would be like, but now i know. girls got a bright future, being that guiltless has endless career paths, she might even be lucky enough to become a kidnapper.
  12. now that the skeletons are out and you got me for the second time lol i wonder who else has another name im not trying to pull cards though, just curious.
  13. i hate to say it but this fag just did what every other hollywood bullshitter does. when people get to a certain level of fame or involved in a certain circles (be it artistic or theatrical) the bull shit is so thick its hard to even make a real joke because everyone laughs at everything because everyone is full of shit and if youre there you might be someone or know someone. these days i avoid any and all parties of that nature if i get a call. i have a few cool stories bro that ill save the oontz from.
  14. yeah i wanted to switch it up, my post count was really getting up there and its funny to see the different prop ratio from people. but how you guessed it, is awesome. is my humor that obvious and cheesy that it burns through any and all posts lol either way ch0 is like my second home these days
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