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  1. somekat

    The Nonsense thread

  2. somekat

    what are you wearing RIGHT NOW?

  3. somekat

    shameful/awesome sex story souperthread.

    Thank you oontz for turning me on to that site. I got bitches baking me pies now.
  4. somekat

    What's in your pockets?

    Left front: keys Right front: smokes, lighter, 6 bucks in quarters for laundry Right back: wallet Left back: cell phone Not much today
  5. somekat

    What's in your pockets?

  6. somekat

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    That's okay
  7. somekat

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Drinking a beer and looking at Craigslist for spots to move to... need to get the hell out of Seattle... RECOMMENDATIONS?
  8. somekat


    So is this the Nike thread? Wish I could find these
  9. Gymb 2 letter at the garages is all I can see on my phone, all other links are broken? So props to gymb on those fills and hollows around Seattle, original and fresh, liking it. Trip to tac today, sezur with the pieces in the visible cuts! Glens doing his thing too, keep it up. too many people to mention doing work, everyone stay up and stay safe.
  10. somekat

    They're all whores

  11. somekat

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Too cold and lazy to go out posting
  12. somekat

    Intermodals that count.

    I don't really paint freights, these are called "stackers" to me Useless post
  13. somekat

    They're all whores

    Upload to a hosting site, copy link from said site.