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Everything posted by TeenagerFromMars

  1. PS aint trying to call you out abcs. but this guiltless remorseless whore way of thought is bigger then the both of us. then all of us. it needs to be handled appropriately
  2. give up? LOL a cunt is a cunt is a cunt. these bitches are robotic and relentless, will take your balls if you dont protect them and sleep like a baby the same night not thinking twice of destroying lives. they are guiltless. that allows an upper hand. they are self consumed and spiteful. those are the most powerful motivators. ive seen it happen too many times to co workers, grown men have their houses taken, the very same that THEY PAID FOR all by them self and have to sleep on a friends couch or in a hotel. checks garnished etc. jail, just bc they yelled to loud. all bc some cunt is "unhappy" FILE THE REPORT d00d
  3. Smash 80's Mona Robinson, now in her 80's
  4. thread title change just grew a Vagina
  5. Vaginas are as cunning as they are smelly. Get the drop on this pig and file a restraining order TO-DAY!!!! its all about the first strike, you document first you get the jump for the entire battle. When dealing with Nasty Holes like herself i just follow the Cobra Kai credo STRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD. NO MERCY
  6. Orange Foot Brewing Co. Homo Dungeon Stout Tran Handy Beers Pretty Sinz Pale Ale
  7. damn. somebody already said Smoke My Cock Brewery.
  8. This is the greatest example of society failing at producing structured youth in todays world
  9. Wow argentina tornados in home depots gym. You bang mad bitches brah?
  10. who are these people with aids and why do they have a plaza?
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