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Everything posted by TeenagerFromMars

  1. get outta here Macgruber, you're not MacGyver, you cant even build a joke.
  2. you name reminds me the double down. what im trying to say is you're delicious.
  3. 5k is big. you're also helping me reach for the stars as well with this post.
  4. You are the evidence you need to answer your own question the holocaust did not succeed.
  5. in order to get anything from a statistic like that you'd need a point of reference. what is the control group?
  6. in the 1930's jews made up less then one percent of the german population, but comprised over 60% of the lawyers practicing law at the time the whole thing started. makes you think of more then one question.
  7. smash the planet smash yourself? SMASH
  8. true. left leg over right knee with a beer in my right hand. tpbm is waiting to go out.
  9. fake soup is a fake. peasoup is OG
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