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Everything posted by TeenagerFromMars

  1. funny bc some 15yr old black kid just came at me in another thread. is there a rise in young minority fags on the oontz? im afraid to argue back bc the cyber-police are always watching and i dont want to end up in internetz prizon
  2. LOL i saw what you look like, i could probably get arrested in the internetz by the cyber police for arguing with a 15yr old ghey black skater. How about you PM me if you want me to stop pulling cards and ya dont want your grill on blast
  3. went right to your head, huh sport, it did didnt it?
  4. i have no idea what that is or what it sounds like, but im glad an expert is on the case. keep up the good work twinkle toes. show is again how much you're not a PHAGGOT lulz
  5. bubble. think about it.
  6. I blame the real estate bubble, forcing williamsburg brooklyn to become flooded with poor faggots who originally moved to new york because they thought they were creative, but were no competition when put up against the best of the best. so since high rents forced food prices up as well they needed to make a quick buck. BAM synth noise that remotely sounds like music, bc it has a beat or some rhythmic repeat, create a scene bc of close proximity, rinse reuse repeat rinse reuse repeat rinse reuse repeat
  7. you dont need shit for a restraining order. just your word against hers, thats why its imperative you do it first, documented first.
  8. Quick lets give him fill bars some other fairy already tested their power on him
  9. damn thats awesome. my dad sold wholesale nike shoesuggs, not much to talk about there.
  10. Less likely if he files first. Less likely anything.
  11. i just had to explain to my girlfriend this thread was made by vanfullofretards and she didnt miss a beat
  12. PS aint trying to call you out abcs. but this guiltless remorseless whore way of thought is bigger then the both of us. then all of us. it needs to be handled appropriately
  13. give up? LOL a cunt is a cunt is a cunt. these bitches are robotic and relentless, will take your balls if you dont protect them and sleep like a baby the same night not thinking twice of destroying lives. they are guiltless. that allows an upper hand. they are self consumed and spiteful. those are the most powerful motivators. ive seen it happen too many times to co workers, grown men have their houses taken, the very same that THEY PAID FOR all by them self and have to sleep on a friends couch or in a hotel. checks garnished etc. jail, just bc they yelled to loud. all bc some cunt is "unhappy" FILE THE REPORT d00d
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