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  1. bump jade ...that new shit is pretty fire.
  2. i came back for the first time in MONTHS to see what was popping off? ....and nothing is popping off.
  3. didnt need an e-test to tell me that i was a fuckin nutjob. already knew about that, from the get-go.
  4. false. i am the almighty all seeing. no/homo tpbm has a band tattoo, or has contemplated a band tattoo
  5. Re: Burger King SUCKS, as if we didn't know.. this story made me think of this.
  6. true. quite a few. still grab good ones up when i see em' at thrift stores as well. tpbm has had to live next to / above / below some horrendous neighbors before.
  7. neg'd for telling stories. and for already having two tampons. why the hell would some Arkansas hick bitch be speaking in another language. just saying.
  8. kneading. but i like the "making biscuits" one more.:lol:
  9. I dont know. i mean. i KNOW theres people who still practice this form of ...animal disposal, if you will. But at the same time, theres animal shelters, EVERYWHERE. worldwide. I understand that they get overcrowded, and the whole overpopulation thing. But this is some backwoods, fucking... 1845 deliverance bullshit if you ask me. maybe im just jaded, because I just lost my dog of 17 years a few months ago...who was my BEST friend I've ever had....but i really hope that girl has a freak karmic accident and drowns to death.
  10. just went to that link. i guess they took it down. heres the working link. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bb4_1283184704
  11. So. I came across this horrible shit, today...while browsing teh information superhighway. Apparently this bitch an unwanted litter of puppies, and decided to dispose of them in a sick, and fucked up way. By throwing all of them into a fucking river. Not only that, but a video of her doing it was leaked. I guess they still haven't found out who she is, or where she's from. The video is really fucked up. Don't watch it if you dont think you can handle it. Im no PETA activist or anything...but I really hope that little bitch gets what she deserves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Bxulkwpzoc Discuss.
  12. word word...good idea...lets see what i have to add.. some'a thems are stolen recently..most of em not. all good shit.
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