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  1. pops is riding my bike now. i want a xr650l
  2. that rock face wall behind them is suspect as fuck
  3. those abandoned exotics were just left to rot by wealthy middle eastern fucks
  4. grove rat


    my volume thrasher tall bars ftw
  5. ^i was born & raised in dallas and everyone holds the door open for other people. when i was in military school in connecticut people would look at me like i was an asshole for opening the door for them. i guess that whole southern hospitality is a real thing
  6. my pops played elder scrolls morrowind for like 2 years on xbox(old one), and that was without even being online. the game/map is really that big and there is so much you can do
  7. orange drank this nigga cray blackened fish tacos from twin peaks, surprisingly delicious DAT PULP healthy fatass dessert mexican fruit store elotes. i prefer on the cob but in the cup is good too cottage cheese, granola, honey, strawberries, bananas, pineapple
  8. food and drinks from the past month or so... this was a good breakfast korean bbq tacos. pork, steak and chicken
  9. 27" computer for the house 15" for work/on the move to see one of these on my neighbors door
  10. how funny would it have been if the stolen ipad was not even in that apartment, it might have been in the apartment above or below it. talk about bad luck... ...and also who the fuck opens the door to the COPS when you have 780 pounds of meth in your place?!
  11. grab my ak47 and backpack full of water & food(plus my other guns) jump on my mountain bike(the roads will be packed with people trying to leave) and start heading east out of dallas into the country stop by the rendezvous point that me and my buddies have already decided on, if nobody there, continue moving to country once out of the city, and the roads start to open up... rob/kill someone who has a truck and go farther out into the country. throw bicycle into truck i know a few people with hunting leases/cabins, try to find them and bunker down with them. also scoop up any hot bitches and make em fuck/suck in order to ride with for all you saying you would steal guns n ammo... how do you plan on stealing guns away from people who already own them? lol
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