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  1. Re: PROP THREAD ******OG'S ONLY*********** What do I need to have to get a coogi sweater and some suboxone?
  2. I read that he's claiming he thought she was a burglar and shot her by accident.
  3. Happy Valentine's day you sick bunch of degenerates. Roses are gay, violets are gayer. I'm shit at poems, listen to Slayer! I hope you're all spending it with the one you love...or at least getting a hand job from a prostitute with most of her own teeth.
  4. If you drank proper tea I wouldn't heckle you...so it's all your own fault and he doesn't do the dishes Medicine, I wait on him and and foot. I like to listen to Meatloaf and Queen really loud whilst I do housework and use the dyson as either a microphone or a guitar, depending on what's appropriate. When on hold I sing along to the music they play. I quite often get caught out.
  5. innit tho propped, right place, right time made me laugh out loud This makes me eck...and what is the thought process behind growing your toenails that long?!
  6. 400 Luzern Fans Dress As Sperm at Wankdorf stadium
  7. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA Surely that's not allowed. That's crazy! Will there be a full public report into how the police handled this? Also, I can't believe they're letting news people just hang around so close to it all.
  8. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA Watching that CBS link, if anyone was alive in that cabin as the fire started it doesn't seem like they'd still be alive now, yet the police won't let the fire service go in. Why's that then?
  9. I do that holding my breath when I walk past people too. I said this in the other thread I think but... I count people's fingers, and toes if I get the chance, upon first meeting them. Not out loud or anything, it's not obvious that I'm doing it. I'm not entirely sure why, I just like to know if people have a digit missing or a malformed one even. They count as half. I know others do this because of the last thread. I change the words in songs to add stuff about my dogs, their names, what they're doing at that moment etc and then sing to them. I do this a lot more than I realise apparently. I ignore people until I've had my first cup of tea in the morning. I can't sleep until someone has said nos da to me. If I forget someone's name I give them a new one that I think fits them and, I'll continue to call them that for the whole time I know them. For 2 years I shared a house with a guy I called Mike, it wasn't his name. We still bump into each other, he still answers to Mike. I still don't know what his name is. I HAVE to have the first cup of tea I make if I'm making more than one. If someone takes my cup before I've finished my tea it really fucking pisses me off. I don't feel like I've had one so I have to have another. It HAS to be milk first in tea for me. I won't drink tea someone else has made, no one else can make a good cup. If someone else comes over and washes my dishes I wait until they leave and wash them again. I don't tell them though because that'd be rude.
  10. FFS I already game you an awesome name. Jeffrey, you should name it Jeffrey.
  11. You've got him too?! Again, sorry but no, him you can keep. I stupidly took the dogs out on the fields, I spent longer bathing them and cleaning up than we did on our walk. It looked like they'd been mud wrestling...because they had. I'd give my left foot for a mud room. I'm about to order Chinese food in honour of the new year and watch the rugby highlights.
  12. Name it Jeffrey, feed it steak and shower it with kisses. OBVIOUSLY.
  13. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA I thought it was your postal workers that lost their jobs and went 'postal'? This guy REALLY wanted to serve and protect huh?
  14. You guys get Trisha? On behalf of the British people, I apologise. On the bright side we did allow Posh Spice to come back. Just got back from the pub, I only stayed for one and bailed. I'm going to find a mindless film to watch and eat Chinese food on the sofa with the dogs.
  15. It was OKAY, not poor but not exceptional. Alfred was such an interesting bloke, they had so much they could have used but didn't. I dunno, I'm obsessed with the man so maybe I'm not the best judge. It was nice they gave Alma some of her due credit though. I wish Hopkins would get a voice coach, he still sounds Welsh in everything he does. I watched 'It Could Happen to You' on tv last night, Nic Cage man hah
  16. Not long got back from physio, I'm sore and sulky. Drinking tea and smoking. Do you yanks get 'spotted' pages for your city/towns on farcebook? It's like anonymous missed connections mixed with Jeremy Kyle. I'm trying not to read it but I can't look away.
  17. Good lord some of you people are stupid. Some I'm shocked about, some not so much. How can some of you have no female friends you just like as a person? 70% of my friends are guys and there's zero sexual attraction. We just enjoy each others company and have the same interests...like regular human beings. Apart from Realism, he's always hitting on me but don't tell him I said so, yeah.
  18. Must spread reps. For the record I fucking love Cake, their version of Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town is played often in my house. I know what you posted crime, I saw it, it was pretty icky but I wasn't particularly offended by it. I could have lived the rest of my life happily never having seen it though. Why were you looking at it in the first place and what the fuck were you searching for to find it?! Gore is one thing, gifs of someone cutting a guys throat with a chainsaw is unnecessary, as far as I'm concerned. If people want to go looking for that shit more power to them but sticking it in a thread like that is a shitty thing to do.
  19. Knitting, cos I'm cool as fuck, me.
  20. Can't we all just get along...and post pictures of kittens and unicorns instead? For reals though, I don't really understand why anybody would want to look at, let alone inflict upon others, pictures of decapitations and mutilated genitalia. Like Christof said, shit like that might be funny to a prepubescent kid but, for the most part, aren't you grown ass men? Or is the amusing/interesting part getting the backs up of strangers on the internet? But yeah, make with the unicorn flicks and cake. Post more cake you fags.
  21. Trying to think of a valid excuse to get out of going to a kids birthday party today. Why my friend would want to inflict that on me is a fucking mystery.
  22. How is it I'm still shocked when people on here don't get sarcasm?
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