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  1. Mario Desa has some awesome paintings available in the 'artwork' section of his site. DO WANT
  2. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Decy, you have to do what works for you, it'll all work out I'm sure. Before you go we'll have to head out for a pint innit. Do you get to take it home and work on it or do you have to go somewhere to do it? - sg Dear Wembley, I am going to be in you, this excites me greatly. - grd
  3. Don't forget to shout Allah hu akbar as you're boarding the plane so there's no mistake of your intentions, nerd.
  4. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Decy, you're leaving t'port or is it that other place? - grdinnit Dear dada, 2 weeks of feeling like an orphan is totally made better with rum, cigarettes and pain killers. You're the bestest. - your favourite
  5. Hasn't one of the other nerds got a copy you could have for an afternoon and just go photocopy it?
  6. Sometimes you're really very witty and wry, for an American.
  7. Pretty much every time you eat out you roll the dice of getting some kind of food poisoning so no, it wouldn't stop me. My cousin once got salmonella from a mille-feuille and it certainly hasn't stopped me eating cakes. Anyway, people who eat sushi from a grocery store deserve food poisoning.
  8. Telling people you got a Desa and then whipping out a taz would be brilliant but you're right, a total waste.
  9. Desa will do it. I just saw he posted this today on fb, I love a bit of happenstance.
  10. I'm amazed that people are still getting 'taz' tattoos.
  11. grd

    Breivik's Back!

    He's apparently claimed necessity under section 47 of the Norwegian penal code and did the white power salute while being sworn in. Section 47 of the Norwegian penal code... "No person may be punished for any act that he has committed in order to save someone's person or property from an otherwise unavoidable danger when the circumstances justified him in regarding this danger as particularly significant in relation to the damage that might be caused by his act." He's clearly loving all the attention he's getting, his defence team are even calling the cleric who founded radical Islamic group Ansar al-Islam, Mullah Krekar, as a witness to demonstrate how a person with extreme political views may be put on trial as sane so they don't think he's a nut job and dismiss his actions. He wants to be the next führer innit.
  12. Daniel Johnston - Space Ducks streaming the full album here... http://music.aol.com/new-releases-full-cds/spinner#/3
  13. Good lord Miss Symbols, what a beautiful dog! Whoever did that to him deserves to die, painfully, in a long drawn out process.
  14. I'd pay good money to see Arnold Rimmer rap on stage in front of thousands of drunken Americans. SMEG LIFE.
  15. Yes trousers, pants are the things you wear under trousers. So there.
  16. Ralphy - watchseries.eu what's the deal with the hbo online stuff? They showed episode 2 last week online after episode 1 aired, right? Are they gonna do that every week? I can't wait another week dammit. I had the books for Easter, expect lots of inane questions that have already been answered.
  17. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! I took Ruby to the vet on Thursday so they could take some more blood for a more extensive blood panel. Hopefully they'll be able to pin point exactly what it is she's allergic to. I hate giving her steroids but it's super upsetting when she's scratching until she bleeds. If anyone else has a dog with skin issues I'd definitely recommend adding Manuka Honey to some home made oatmeal shampoo. It really helped relieve the symptoms. She got a cute love heart bandage that was meant to be kept on until the next day...it lasted less than a half hour so I only managed a shoddy iphone flick.
  18. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear dears, Happy Easter! 'Tis my favourite 'holiday'; chocolate, lamb roast, cake and loads of old musicals on telle plus I'm not obliged to speak/be around all of my mental family members. It's perfect. - grd
  19. Why does he wear such ridiculous trousers?
  20. I couldn't find any last time I looked but I've just bought a tub from amazon. WIN
  21. and an AWESOME Rear Window timelapse http://vimeo.com/37120554
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