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  1. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear hot new gardener, you can maintain my lawn as often as you like. - grd
  2. I thought I'd forgotten it for a second then I remembered Americans have it on the wrong day.
  3. Portraits of kids are always super creepy. Xam(he's gonna be at Tattoo Paradise in Washington next month) Max Kuhn Valerie Vargas Tumblr is also pretty good for flicks.
  4. Bright Eyes - Fevers and Mirrors I'm feeling particularly lazy today though so shan't post pics/link.
  5. Get smashed, take a lot of lsd then go low impact paintballing with topless strippers.
  6. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear SM, congrats to the girl and you for being a super awesome mam!! - sg Dear today, fuck off, it's not even 10:30 yet and you've been fucking awful. - pissed off me
  7. Re: My girlfriend is being a fucking cunt So, you were in a bad mood because you had a bit of a bad day, she was in a good mood and she has a 'crush' on a hockey player she'll probably never even meet? She reacted to you being childish by being childish herself and then going to sleep thus forcing you to walk 50 miles in a snow storm to the living room where you had to sit alone, cold, hungry and desolate....so you came to 12oz to vent about what a cunt she is? POOR YOU
  8. http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/6sz6 Brian McKnight is still alive!
  9. Re: Slut lady with all those kids gonna record her busted snatch so we all puke on ourselv That picture of her holding her tits is the least erotic thing I've ever seen; nude underwear with her skin tone? *tuts*
  10. How's Sky doing fiction? Make with the cute dog pics, Fist! Ruby has pms, at first it was funny and cute but it got old pretty fast. Poor Alfie is getting the brunt of her grumps. Bitches be crazy.
  11. Literally just got through with this and frankly I'm sad it's over. It's all kindsa aces, it's filthy, brilliantly written and draws you in entirely. 800 odd pages but it's a quick read.
  12. Nah, we'll just move to Utah. I'm not divorcing you until you're half of everything I take amounts to more than Jihad propaganda and empty 40 bottles. DO NOT WANT.
  13. Thanks metronome. (edit: must spread reps) I have made a start on book one but I'm reading four other books at the moment so I've not really got into it. The differences between books and shows/films based on books rarely isn't a disappointment ;which is why I've kinda been putting off reading the series.
  14. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Londoners, Boris, again? He's an effete, bumbling imbecile. I am disappoint. - grd
  15. Y'know that girl, who's having her fathers baby, the fat 'wall' kid keeps banging on about; is she going to play a bigger part in the storyline later?
  16. He's a hot millionaire, do you really need to ask?
  17. What are the chances there'd be a bag of meth in the next cell though? I'm not sure it'd be as amusing without the irony of the DEA providing the drugs.
  18. Who's on first? When will Keanu Reeves propose to me? Can I hurry that process along? Why does validation feel so fucking goodman? (that last one is rhetorical, I know why, it's because I love being right.)
  19. Yeah, sorry serum, I agree. I think about penises a lot and that wasn't even close to my first thought when I saw that monstrosity.
  20. I think my favourite bit was where he decided to carve 'sorry mum' into his arm and then inhaled glass. Even being high that's some retard thinking. I wonder how rich he'll be? The world definitely needs more dumb rich people.
  21. ..but on the bright side they left him some meth. SAN DIEGO (AP) - A college student who was forgotten by federal drug agents and left in a holding cell for five days without food, water or access to a toilet says that he drank his own urine to survive. Daniel Chong also said that he bit into his glasses to break them and tried to use a shard to scratch "Sorry Mom" into his arm, according to a story published Tuesday in U-T San Diego (http://bit.ly/JRlSr8 ). The 24-year-old engineering student at University of California, San Diego, was swept up as one of nine suspects in an April 21 drug raid that netted 18,000 ecstasy pills, other drugs and weapons. Chong said federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents told him he would be released. One agent even promised to drive him home from the DEA field office in Kearny Mesa, he said. Instead, he was returned to a holding cell to await release. DEA spokeswoman Amy Roderick said he was accidentally left there. Chong said he could hear the muffled voices of agents outside his five-by-10-foot windowless cell and the sound of the door of the next cell being opened and closed. He kicked and screamed as loud as he could, but apparently, his cries for help went unheard. "I had to recycle my own urine," he said. "I had to do what I had to do to survive." When he was found on April 25, he was taken to a hospital and treated for cramps, dehydration and a perforated lung - the result of ingesting the broken glass. "When they opened the door, one of them said 'Here's the water you've been asking for,'" Chong said. "But I was pretty out of it at the time." Chong also ingested a white powder DEA agents said was left in the cell accidentally and later identified as methamphetamine. He described having hallucinations, saying: "I was completely insane." The agency hasn't commented on Chong's claim that he was without basic necessities for days. He also said the lights went off at one point and stayed off for several days. Chong's attorney, Eugene Iredale, said he plans to file a claim against the federal government, and if it is denied, he will proceed with filing a federal lawsuit.
  22. grd

    the n word?

    Don't they both sound the same? Ending in 'Er' or 'A', I mean. I don't know any white British people that would use it and I'm always shocked when any white person does. I don't even see why one would need to.
  23. Aren't all shop teachers mental? My Literature teacher at school beat up one of the boys in class for calling his own sister a leabian, which she was. The teacher ended the beat down by pushing a filing cabinet on him.
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