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  1. Im on the road a ton so one of my other hobbies is taking photos of cars. The photos aren't always good but they're always great to share with other car nerds.
  2. Worked started getting busy and I took a couple random trips so that turned into missing out on the gym for almost 2 months. we're pretty active at work but not active enough to lose weight. I had peaked a bit a 3.5 miles under an hour the last time I was at the gym two months ago and when I went back I was feeling good and somehow ended up running 4 miles in 55 minutes. So that was a nice boost in morale. Now to get back to going a couple times a week.
  3. It might not be too hard. I'm sure rock auto or 1a auto parts probably sells the replacement weather stripping. It might just be attached with industrial strength adhesive strip.
  4. Holy shit congrats on sobriety and welcome back!
  5. Thats pretty wild I dont follow many brands on IG and if I do they're typically small brands with only a few thousand followers. It appears they do have a limit I'm assuming to "control bots" although I feel like it may be more of a just incase you had second thought or even guilt you back into following them.
  6. @KILZ FILLZsweet I love vans my dad use to have an 89 econoline that he got from his brother it had a table in the back and the interior was entirely diamond pattern crushed velvet and it was all captain chairs. it wasnt fancy by any means it was some wwat cobbled together but he drove the shit out of the van .
  7. we talking just conversion vans or are we including 70's style shaggin wagons as well.
  8. mn1_fuckos


    thank you all for the great insight. I'll keep yall posted on what I end up getting.
  9. BFA in commercial photo. I work with still cameras (35mm and Medium format) and lighting (strobe and continuous) Don't really assist anymore but on occasion I pick up some side jobs here and there
  10. mn1_fuckos


    Looking for a suggestion for an EDC knife 3"-4" blade foldable. I am trying to keep it under a hundred since knives are still somewhat illegal in chicago. I had one similar to the Kershaw Eris but it ended up getting confiscated because I forgot to remove it before a show. I had it for 5 years and it need sharpening so it wasnt a huge loss.
  11. We just got an A7R 4 at wrok going to have to take it on a test drive.
  12. Damn, We could have met! I had a free ticket too and I had to pass on it
  13. I ended up buying that JBL Charge 4 that @T4M*mentioned in the last post it works great for what I use it. My car is loud as fuck as the exhaust dumps under the car and not out the back but it works well enough that long drives arent boring as fuck and the battery last about 5 hours on full blast. It last way longer when its not at full volume.
  14. I was in louisville this weekend for bourbon and beyond because I got some free tickets and while in line for pizza they ran out of the good ones and I was forced to choose Hawaiian because I was starving. while i love pineapple it doesnt belong on pizza.
  15. I cant imagine how much glass is probably still coming out of your arms. I've been rear ended twice and that shit sucks. the first time I was rear ended she hit me so hard the car moved forward and completely crossed the intersection which caused me to rear end someone else it couldve been worse the second time i was rear ended they just hit the passenger side of my rear bumper and still caused a bit of damage
  16. fuckin cool! what a bitchin tractor
  17. I went to school with a bunch of hood muthafuckers while sitting in the cafeteria I watched a guy walk over to a friend of his and ask him for a bite of sandwich. His friend told him no which resulted in him getting his ass beat OVER A SANDWICH. Another time some kid unknowingly stepped on an ketchup packet which ended up getting ketchup on some asshole's dirty shoes. Dude looks down at his dirty white airforce ones and you knew he was gonna beat that kids ass. Kid goes to sit down to eat his food not knowing he's about to get his ass beat when dude walks up to him throws the lunch tray he had in his hand at the kids face and proceeds to hammer fist his head. Another time in shop some guy starts roasting this girl for no reason mind you this asshole looked like the lovechild of elmo and a california raisin. she finally got fed up and told him she wasnt having it then he started making fun of her baby. She told him to keep her baby's name out of his mouth he proceeded to tell her "fuck you and your bitch ass baby" took about to second before she beat his ass and through a chair at him. He wasnt a person that was particularly liked so someone else got up and took a desk and dropped it on him. The instructor watched the whole thing go down but to be honest not much you can do sometimes.
  18. probably not something you would do but after a friend passed away his daughter took all his tshirts and made a quilt from them.
  19. hood mofo's postin photos holding money thinkin they're boys wont murk them for it
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