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  1. I should probably be working a little harder
  2. The car below is a two door model and my car is a 4 door but I made this to give me an idea of what the final product will be once I am done with the car.
  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the sony's. Love their image and video quality I just hate the body and User interface. Thankfully im fortunate enough to never have to buy cameras.
  4. mn1_fuckos


    here's one for you before CBD was a huge thing my parents would always have rubbing alcohol infused with marijuana They used it for muscle aches and joint pain. They didnt use it often but when they did a little went a long way
  5. @Dirty_habiT What I would really love to do is air bag suspension to lower the car, paint, fresh set of full white walls and I'd love to do a disc brake conversion . it's going out to get the exhaust redone and a bunch of little things that I dont have the knowledge or time to repair. so I'm having a friend give it a once over and start fixin it. I have a custom set of exhaust tips that will be made by local machinist that use to help build exhaust for choppers.
  6. the car ive been working on is a 57 mercury. As shown above the engine is a ford 302 with an AOD transmission. To answer you question I am actually not sure what gears are in the rear end the only thing I know is that it is a 9" ford rear. The push button transmission had been disassembled before i got the car and rather then try and retrofit it with a modern trans I opted out for a floor shifter. its taken quite some time to put it together and its taken even longer to find some parts as there were not many of these cars out there.
  7. I know at least a couple of you on this board have busted a knuckle or two fixing that POS beater or a building something cool in your garage @Dirty_habiTI'm lookin in your direction. Post some photos or share some knowledge this isn't a vehicle specific thread just a place to share those money pits. The photo below is the small block ford 302 that a friend of mine helped build for my hot rod. It took about a year and a half to get it running and about another 6 months to work out the kinks. That car and I have traveled about 6000 miles in the last 2.5 years.
  8. @~KRYLON2~ I wanted to go watch slayer but I ended up getting tickets to bourbon and beyond (for free) in Louisville the following week.
  9. I hope someone gave you some carne asada and some cold modelos.
  10. @CILONE/SK I might already follow your account come on man show a little leg.
  11. Strange as soon as you post on the 12oz account or your personal account It shoots straight to the top of my feed I think it has something to do with personal user engagement as well. Basically profiles you frequent and interact with. I’ll get dumb fuckin ads of peoples personal Instagram feed with some shitty selfies. Just normal people that aren’t pitching any products and not even mediocre photography just straight up selfies
  12. if you may send me a code. Im also rocking my "the youth are getting restless shirt" today
  13. @misteraven if I recall I think catface disappeared when she posted a photo of herself and the boys chased her off @-Rage-glad to see you back ill shoot you a PM about it.
  14. @MercerI totally knew where you were coming from
  15. I grew up around gang culture all my life. It was essential to survive in the city depending on where you lived. It was the difference between getting your ass beat everyday or getting walked all over. I hung out with people from different gangs because sometimes a phone call was enough to stop your ass from getting your head bashed in for walking down the street. I saw countless people get their ass beat, shot at and even killed because of these things. For some people that was their only family and it wasnt just latinos it was people of all races. You want to work a 12 hour a day making $10 an hour or do you want to slang and make more money then most people in your neighborhood? many of the guys I grew up with have grown up started families and have moved on from the lifestyle. The ones who have stuck around are either dead or in and out of jail. the problem with gangs is as soon as you take leadership away then you end up in a power vacuum and factions that answer to no one. Now you have a bunch of fucked up kids who have seen way too much shit before they're even 18 with access to weaponry and a chip on their shoulder. People who are angry and feel that the world owes them something The only way to stop it is kicking their door in and going after each and everyone of them. although that isnt as easy as it sounds. Who gets to decide who will be the people on their list and what are the chances mistakes wont be made. what are the chances that my door wont be kicked in because of where I live, the way I dress, the way I talk hell maybe I just said hello to someone. That being said I am not willing to sacrifice my personal rights and freedoms just because of that small percentage. once again sorry for the lack of organizations run on sentences and bad grammar.
  16. @El Jefe Uno hahaha I made an account in 2006 to try to make my own markers.
  17. I reached out to a couple guys on the list last night. Hopefully they give you a shout.
  18. gotta be down with the clown https://nerdist.com/article/juggalo-makeup-blocks-facial-recognition-software/ (I am not sure if this is real or satire)
  19. Chicago aint bad on occasion you see small homeless groups but nothing crazy the way you see it in the warmer states. The first time i saw a homeless community in california my jaw dropped that shit is wild. although I understand why some people would rather be homeless in california then chicago. I have a few friends out there some that say they've actually tried to help these cats and they rather just not work.
  20. worked a 6o hour week and drove 500 miles in 2 days. Good times.
  21. Id like to buy two one to wear and one to keep. I ruin shirts rather quickly haha
  22. @aimer I would wait for them to drop a dual card slot EOS R the only drawback being that your EF lenses would not work without a Eos R to EF adapter.
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