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  1. NO SPIRITUAL SURRENDER! RATM had nice riffs, tho. Sabbath meets boom-bap.
  2. I'm here to talk about upbeat, enjoyable summertime music made by people who don't feel the need to prove how fucking 'enlightened' or 'clever' they are all the fucking time. Got it? Jedi Mind Tricks are fucking horrible. Get over it and stop gaying up my thread.
  3. Download it and drive fast. This whole album is off the mail (which kind of goes without saying). Easily the best shti Cash Money ever did. Mannie Fresh killed it on beats.
  4. 26SidedCube


    Has anyone ever really beat any of the Megaman games without cheating?
  5. I have really hazy memories of this dude handing out demo tapes at local shopping centers back in the early 90's. It's hard to believe the dufus with the 15" flattop is really the same guy that was banging Pamela Anderson and packing arenas a few years ago. He still calls into Drew and Mike on WRIF pretty regularly and he still seems like a pretty level-headed guy, rock-stardom aside.
  6. ^What? It plays music. That's what I want it's FUNCTION is. What more do I need than a harddrive, a screen and a headphone jack?
  7. Scores from last night's game: The Emperor Bomb- 1, Over-Population- 0
  8. Fuck that. I want to teach a class on "How Not To Touch The Big Red Button". The course will consist of me putting hallucinogens in the water/food of students and locking them in jailcell-sized rooms with nothing but security cameras on the walls and podiums with big red buttons that read 'Do Not Touch This' in the center of each. The only way to pass is to stay in that room for the rest of your life. If you fail, you are instantly dropped through a trapdoor and eaten alive by angry cartoon barracudas with large bushy eyebrows.
  9. I've met a few famous people but it's always been gay small-talk and shit. Not really anything special. The time I (sorta) had ice-cream with Bill Laimbeer was cool, though. I saw dude at the Cold Stone in midtown Manhattan a few years ago and mentioned this b.s. packing factory about 10 minutes outside of Detroit that he owned back in the mid-90's. I made some stupid joke about knowing him from his shipping career, and not what he did in basketball. Then I asked he'd mind autographing some basketball-shipping materials for my little cousins. He got a kick out of that and paid for my ice-cream. Dude was a monster back in the day.
  10. That's a dickload of money. I watched someone buy a lamborghini at an auction on TV for the same price just last night.
  11. I've been to a few family reunions. I usually just wander off to the hotel pool and get talky with female guests and/or lifeguards.
  12. That thing eats 22 TIMES the calories that I would eat in a day. I wonder if there's a point where your body just stops gaining weight - like your veins and organs are so cluttered with carbs and calorie that it's physically impossible to convert any more food to body mass.
  13. In the case of a human animal like the shooter - his own distorted take on reality. I think we need to start reminding people that there's more than 3 ways to live a life. From a young age, kids in Western culture should provided with practical examples of how to live a life not bound to conventional success. Maybe then we'd start seeing fewer timebombs. Maybe not.
  14. haha. Yeah, dude. I think you have to be liscensed to buy it though. The only problem is that you can only apply for a license in the Gayborhood between the months of March and May, while getting the word 'Cum Dumpster' tattooed across your skully in Old English by a big Lebanese dude named 'Mark'. !
  15. Just picked up Palm Sunday, Slapstick, and Player Piano. I also picked up the pocket Slaughterhouse-Five. A few more and I'll have 'em all.
  16. ^If you want it in MP3 I could probably hit you off with an upload. While I'm at it, I'll give you their Short Eyes ep.. because it's ridiculously good.
  17. Isn't dude solo, too? I thought I remembered him saying he didn't join crews because no one could keep up with him (and meaning it), or something like that? I could be wrong, tho.
  18. You mean ALMOST anything, right? Cause I could think of a few exceptions to that rule, you know, if I had to... !
  19. If you Gorilla Pimp drag it on the floor Grab her by the hair and drag her on the floor Tilt that cock and drag it on the floor Take them rim stockings and drag it on the floor
  20. Re: The Marc Echo Videogame Broohaha I think I've seen video of the 'real' Trane... and he was sort of a beast when it came to doing his thing, if I remember right. I think Pinup was all about that guy.
  21. Done. Unfortunate Tats? What, like a NOSM fillin on her brillo or something?
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