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  1. nah he's off the oxies and taking some other pill to keep him from going back....
  2. Not even buillt fpr skating. just some structure in Montreal. They were gonna tear it down and a bunch of skaters petitioned for it to remain and the spot was granted the title of national monument and cant be destroyed. There's also a book about it called Pipe Fiends. I aint been there in ages but it pretty gnarly to skate. The kinda spot that pretty much only the locals who've been skating it for years can really get loose with
  3. la passion quoi que rare
  4. BK banks is still open for business..they got a little skate park with modules next to the bank too..the handrail is still there..the only thing thats not skatable anymore is the gap over the ledge where you land in the highway
  5. 1995...wow...where'd you find this???
  6. Re: FONTS FONTS FONTS anyone know the name of this font?
  7. 215 indies?? jesus... I dont remember those at all
  8. the parc benches in my city used to be bolted (might still be) by the same kind of bolts they used for independent kingpins...free kingpins all through the city
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