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  1. Re: CRAZIEST THING A WHITE PERSON HAS EVER SAID TO ME I've done been friends with every degree of the color spectrum, and every single race I've encountered has it's fair share of faggots. For real though, if you're older than 15 and you're still grappling with skin and judging people on how they word things, you obviously lack a lot of life-experiences and I really don't have time to know you. That's basic shit.
  2. A lot of Red Bull will make me pee out of my ass.
  3. 26SidedCube


    who the fuck gets carjacked anymore? was your boy at the corner of 1993 and tripple fat goose?
  4. mushroom burger? from bk? i can't even fuck with that.
  5. People should call it 'pulling pranks'. Calling it 'art' makes it seem like people are trying to make it much more authentic than it is.
  6. Fact one: All ravers love 3D graffiti.
  7. I thought that 'Benjamins' remix was alright... I mean, for what it was.
  8. If they brought this back, and put some kind of reality-spin on it, plus a million-dollar grandprize for the winner, people would be allllll about this shit. Bet. Then again... This:American Gladiators :: SSX:Coolboarders
  9. so like... when you're sucking dick for a million dollars... is the guy who's dick you're sucking going to be enjoying it, or is he supposed to be as miserable as you are? (this is just wrong)
  10. Re: NAH MEEN NAH MEEN NAH MEEN NAH MEENNAH MEEN NAH MEEN NAH MEEN NAH MEEN NAH MEEN N Dude looks like he's been sucking fratboy dick through Jay-Z's lips.
  11. Oh shit. I'M NOT EVEN GONNA SAY IT. ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! Syke! Happy birthday, fam!!!! Make sure them cats get you Farley tonite! MOST LETHAL BIRTHDAY.
  12. I had to put my doggie down a few months ago. Kidney stones and old age were taking the life right out of the little feller. Poor bastard. RIP Purr-face.
  13. Re: THE ALL SEEING EYE and THE NEW WORLD ODOUR yeah, i didn't wanna pull the 'madman' card... but that about covers it.
  14. Best shit in the world from T-Bell: Crunchwrap supreme - hold the beef, plus beans, plus guac.
  16. Re: THE ALL SEEING EYE and THE NEW WORLD ORDER I'm not going to sit and talk Diana/Isis. I know what you're getting at. I'm going to be as general as possible because, over the years, I've grown tired of having this discussion with people: Yes, secret societies exist and have existsed. Yes, their function is, and was, to allow people to discuss 'touchy', or 'taboo', ideas, usually dealing with the functioning of a community or social-network on a 'mechanical' level, in an environment free of religious or political persecution. Yes, our forefathers were heavily involved in many of these 'brotherhoods'. Yes, many of these adopted 'spooky' old-world rituals. Granted. I'm not trying to deny fact. That said: I don't believe there will ever be a way to depict how the actions of these people (stretched out over the course of hundreds of years; some documented, others not; some tactical, others moral) may, or may not, have, shaped contemporary civilization in some neatly-fitting mosiac. Are you a reader? I assume you are because you're talking books and documented 'proof-of-things'. Have you noticed that, out of all minds dubbed 'genius' since the advent of written word, not one has gone looking for absolutes in a task so broad? You're talking about untying the Gordian Knot, bub.
  17. Re: THE ALL SEEING EYE and THE NEW WORLD ORDER Yeah. My inability to read and restate other people's conspiracy theories makes me a total dumbass. Oh no, wait. It's just that I think that I think that chasing rabbits is are for retards.
  19. ^Truth. I DID NOT like that movie, and I only paid $1.50 to see it. Something about the whole 'implied resolution' ending killed it for me. Idiocracy was great.
  20. Yeah, and people who haven't are 250% more likely to kill themselves in a freakish auto-assplay accident.
  21. Pulling it off the shelves? I'm going to buy a case tonite.
  22. Hahah. All this time and anticipation and everyone's saying it sucked. hahahahahahah.
  23. Yeah. Puerto's don't get cordial. They get stabby.
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