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  1. Steak's steak. Bleeding, black or brown i'll devour that shit any day of the week*. *Assuming we're not talking boot-sole buffet steak.
  2. Yo, I think my dick might die if I went back to that era. I'll take the 50's, please.
  3. 26SidedCube


    I've never really liked a pair of NB's until now... and nto because I like Joy Division, either. Those just look real real smooth from the front. Oh. Thanks for the head up, Crack. How much were those?
  4. ^And then clowns on white people for saying 'dudes'? Doubtful, but definitely possible.
  5. ^He says so. Come ot think of it, Theo's never posted a picture (that I know of).
  6. Theo comes off like he's smarter than he cares to let on. He also seems like a raging cynic, and that gets mucho respect points from me. Some1? I don't think I've ever noticed his posts, but I'm sure I've read 'em.
  7. Macho tough-guys in sparkling clean SUVs and oversized trucks are living comedy. Shit's like trying to look macho by carrying around a shovel with a frilly pink ribbon on the end.
  8. I think the term 'rock bottom' is reserved for when you find yourself living behind dumpsters, drinking your piss from snapple bottles and making dookie-statues to keep you company. not when you're a little bummed about a decline in 'creative output'. not to poo-poo your situation, but who the fuck do you think you are? edgar allen poe?
  9. 26SidedCube


    those green/brown am90s are quite buttery.
  10. 26SidedCube


    Look around on the internets. I've seen 'em for cheap on here since I bought mine.
  11. Picture me listening to Opera and driving that thing backwards through the front door of an AIDS/Hemophilia clinic.
  12. No doubt, but usually hot women don't have to be talented to stay on stage.
  13. Yo, you're not supposed to own up to penetrating the chick who got booed off stage. FYI.
  14. You've checked out Miss TK and the Revenge, right?
  15. I'm saying. People are always talking about their shit breaking within a year of having it. I don't know what's up with all that noise; maybe Sony got wise and decided to make something that breaks easily after the 3rd gens. All I know is that I copped mine at half-cost FOREVER ago and the worst that's happened was having it lock-up for a week. Dudes must be brushing their teeth with these things.
  16. It kinda sucks having this second-generation shit. At least mine hasn't broken like everyone else's.
  17. ^Someone stoled a car and did some wild ass shit.
  18. 26SidedCube

    so pt 2

    I've kidnapped a complete stranger while on acid. I'm not joking.
  19. ^Oh, definitely. I'm not about to take a stand and defend it like it's 'cool'. That's like being the patron saint of sucking dicks. I'm just saying that, personally, I don't suck dicks... but if there were a legion of dick-suckers out there who just so happen to make some decent shoes (that didn't feature a picture of a cock going into another man's mouth) at a reasonable price, I'd probably feel alright wearing 'em, even if someone might mistake me for a sucker of dicks. Wait. Did that make any sense?
  20. Maybe this makes me fucking retarded, but I've never known: Is it pronounced Dalek (like 'Delectable') or Dale K? Getting graffiti people's names right has never been a priority.
  21. Yeah, I noticed that when I was copying the pictures and knew someone would have a problem with it if they looked. Personally, I don't really care one way or another about rollerblading, skateboarding and BMXing. I'm not 15 so I don't really give a fuck which is the most 'hardcore' of the 'extreme' sports. If motherfuckers want to spend their time sliding down shit and jumping over things that's all on them. I could give a shit what they're doing it on. Use a fucking laundryboard for all I care. Cheap shoes are cheap shoes.
  22. 26SidedCube


    I need new shorts. I don't really like jean shorts in anything other than black, and I'm trying to find something other than cargos, basketball shorts and dickies. Anyone?
  23. Rap and rock albums I've been listening to recently. Fugazi : Red Medicine At The Drive-In : In-Casino/Out The Clipse : Hell Hath No Fury Ghostface : More Fish NOFX : Ribbed White Stripes : White Blood Cells I pretty much cycle the same 20 albums over and over until something new pops up every few years.
  24. Word. I don't even think dude pushes off. I think he just hops on his board and glides naturally.
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