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  1. I did. You really think the 2012 logo and the 1968 logo are on par with one-another? Psht.
  2. Lame? I'm not trying to be a dick for the sake of being a dick. If anything, to me, it's more of a matter of principle than design. It looks like they took something with a very rich history to draw upon, and brought it down to that cheap, disposable and contemporary level. It's not like they took something traditional and spliced it with a touch of modern influence, it's as though they white-washed over the entire thing and did whatever the fuck they felt with it. It's like slapping a giant Viagra-condom on the Leaning Tower of Piza during Easter. Principle. Plus, I had no idea those were supposed to be numbers. Something tells me that means it's a poor design for something that the entire world is going to have their eyes on. Especially when more than half of those viewers are going to be well-over Comedy Central-viewing age. That's just my take. If you like it, you like it. No biggie.
  3. yeah, i'm not voucing for that.
  4. Re: my girl is tripping hard and crying saying "i know im dead i can feel it" Haha. You got on the computer while your girl was tripping.
  5. They're colored and outlined shapes with a drop-shadow. Duh.
  6. Justin Timberlake aside, that movie was straight. It would've been a lot better had I not seen Bully 3+ years ago. And shake flakes like some dandruff, Tease. Dudes have been rocking Fedoras since well-before Justin Timberlake. Shit's classic, don't let some contemporary trend ruin a good hat. Then again, I'm probably just sticking up for you because in the past two months I've had six people tell me I look like that dude. The fucked up part is that I don't. Like, at all.
  7. lohan needs to wild out and be naked already. i could give a fuck that you're drunk. so is everyone else.
  8. I dunno what the fuck you're on about, but I got $10 on me putting Jessica Alba's pussy in a headlock by the end of the fiscal year.
  9. It took me more than 40 seconds to realize that it's supposed to read '2012'. F-.
  10. Re: I'm With Busey That dude seems like a trip. I'm down with 80% of everything he does.
  11. Re: 6 months and 200 pages later. Congratulations. No, really. Really.
  12. oh, and this. because i recommend it to everyone:
  13. Re: whats the best industry beat for a diss track?? I was walkin down a dark way, trouble had to find me The street corner shark was comin up behind me I grabbed my pistol, punk started to whistle Like you got a missile, boy, you know this'll Be fun, I put my hand up on my gun He tried to cut me on run, huh - but yo, I'm not the one Flexin up the trigger finger, a dead ringer I'm not a singer, and life just don't linger But I looked the boy in his eyes, and he almost cried But before he died Murder In the first degree That's what you get when you're messin with the Busy Bee Yeah, murder You better write your will I'm Busy Bee, I pay the bills, dressed to kill Murder Murder style Murder style A black guy on Howard Beach A boy lay bleedin from his head to his feet The police writin up his report Drinkin coffee from a cup and doin what he was taught At the academy, mistaken identity The boy was a friend of me, guess he wasn't meant to be Remedies, diagnosis or cure or a conclusion There's no confusion, it's just winnin and losin Hey, there's no pity or remorse There's no pause, cause what's lost is lost Huh, so throw his body in the bag And they'll say that he was high on crack But it's Murder In the first degree That's what you get when you're messin with society Yeah, murder You better write your will I'm Busy Bee, I pay my bills, dressed to kill I'm talkin bout Murder Girl named Patty drived a black Caddy The girl was so fine, I wanted to kiss her daddy Bring her mama out to dinner Bring Patty to the race track, then bring home a winner Buy her earrings and medaillons I got juice by the gallon But she got legs like a stallion Plus to be a cutie's her duty She got brains plus beauty Don't even think about the booty Bumpers, and she got no breaks So when she walks her shimmy'll shake Like ??? from the earthquake, on the eaves she would drop She'd go on the horn and say "I can't stop" The way she move, the way she pose She knows how to put on - and even take off clothes I never leave her, I never desert her She so bad - the bitch was murder Yeah Dance, sucker This is murder A pretty good-lookin, fine young lady Drivin a Mercedes, soon to have a baby Three months gone, she's treated like a pawn And all the joyridin good times - all that was gone Her world changed, she was feelin strange Things was runnin through her brain, cravin, hunger pains And her friend, he stopped goin steady Then reality hit her - she realized she ain't ready So now she must proceed with caution And sneak to the clinic and gettin an abortion They're both foetal, the less is too evil It' still raw, but still legal It's murder In the first degree That's what you get when you're messin with society Yeah, it's murder You better write your will I'm Busy Bee, I pay the bills, I'm dressed to kill In Bed-Stuy It's do or die It's no why Why's a crooked letter Yes, let's go get her You better met my beretta (Why?) The song set her Don't do the crime If you can't do the time Do let her get away To pray you must lay Because if you get caught You get the time anyway A lotta guys went to jail who ain't ready The only thing worse than a criminal is one that's petty Go to jail to get large He's doin life - what's his charge? Murder In the first degree That's what you get when you're messin with the Busy Bee Yeah, it's murder You better write your will I'm Busy Bee, I pay the bills, I'm dressed to kill Talkin bout Murder Murder style
  14. My boy watched Alpha Dog and Rocky Balboa this past Friday. Come Sunday that motherfucker was rocking a fedora. To me, this is hilarious.
  15. Re: I want to see you, yet again nah, it's 'show your tits or get the fuck off the internet' day. word to lili st.kneepunch.
  16. http://www.sherdog.com Go to the off-topic section and find the 60-page+ topic about her. 12oz really can't compete when it comes to MMA fighters and saying some sleazy shit.
  17. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=116547
  18. ...why is jadakiss as hard as it gets?
  19. I'ma gonna steal your thunder.... syke! :D
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