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Everything posted by 26SidedCube

  1. Bottom Line: Anti-style simply cannot be an excuse for poor can control or execution; toys are still toys
  2. Cool to see Cas142 make his way out to the D, Dude crushes thats for damn sure
  3. Skinner Bridge on lock down, hot dayum
  4. Second Flick is of the top truss for the bridge in the first flick
  5. Snitching is for Lames Bump Thread With More Nonsense
  6. Coltski's right though, shouldntve called the spot
  7. That fresh Colts ish on exit 6 is tuff..
  8. Ceer is deserving of complete extermination from this city
  9. Cats putting in work out here lately. Bump ta yall, Ceer and Sheath1 can eat some cock tho. (stop writing Seah, straight stolen off Seah DGF)
  10. Granted this shit is corny. And granted homegirl's responses aren't making her case any stronger. But it's kind of like Ch0 is, collectively, the really insecure tough-guy at the party who can't get the 'slut' to show him her tits (let alone fuck him) so he gets pissed and tries to tear her down in a room full of his buddies while their dumb-cunt girlfriends egg them on. Maybe if some of you had a touch more (borrowed) personality than the token 'sarcastic, horribly forced and unoriginal, graffiti asshole' you wouldn't have a problem getting girls naked in real life, and wouldn't have to harp on somewhat-shelterd, obviously harmless 22 year old girls on the computer. Go jock junkies, join a frat and bang out with 'Chad', low-lifes.
  11. Re: yep. hahaha. oh god. this whole thread is priceless.
  12. I love watching people who've (obviously) been afforded decent educations try to convince themselves that it's okay to generalize other human beings. Sociopaths aren't cool, and they are the reason this world is going to shit. It's not because of 'white trash niggers'. It's because of people who've been given the opprotunity know better not giving enough of a fuck to try to understand anyone's problems but their own. Being ignorant by choice is infinitely worse than being ignorant by circumstance. I feel bad for people like this. They must've had unfortunate up-bringings. I must be lucky.
  13. DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS HOTEL HAS FIVE DIFFERENT KINDS OF CHAIRS? "Oops! That's not your vagina. That's your asshole!"
  14. It'll work. Hell, you could even let the top/number pad stick out a little.
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