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  1. That's what I'm saying. Cheap shoes are the jumpoff. I posted these in Duty Free a little while ago but they're nice. And they're only around $35.
  2. I'm right with you on this one. Another thing that deserves a swift banning are Black & Mild cigars. I can't believe assholes walk around smoking these things like it's cool to smell like dirty gas-station attendant. Fucking assholes. edit: Wait, are you talking about flavored Blackies? Ugh....
  3. There's nothing fresh about a pink swoosh.
  4. Hell yeah. I'm rocking 'em with these dark olive pants and they look quite buttery.
  5. My friend's mom collects those things. I think she has a few that are worth several thousand a piece. Weird, but true.
  6. 26SidedCube


    Who remembers this: I got this for like $10 when I was probably 11, and it's one of the only computer games (other than Doom and Wolfenstein) that I've ever really played. This shit is fart-on-your-neck fantastic.
  7. Completely off-topic, but whatever. Does anyone else love brown shoes as much as I do? I copped these for $60 yesterda and I feel like bragging. Woot.
  8. I read this as 'run damage through their hair' and was all 'Fuck yeah!' and stuff.
  9. Whatever dude, my shit's dumb wireless.
  10. 26SidedCube


    Copped these for $60 today.
  11. Re: let's talk about rock (music) I've been listening to a lot of rock lately. Mostly for the sake of getting back in touch with my roots.
  12. "I ain't no racecar driver. I'm a comedian... and this shit is not funny!"
  13. I just laughed at this thing for a good two minutes. I think I'm going retarded.
  14. Take it out of Cotex? Oh, hell no.
  15. I got this one: Obie Trice.
  16. I'm going bald in the Yammika-patch, but it's not so bad that I have to shave it. I can't wait until it kicks into high-gear, just so I can grow what's left past my shoulders and look all motorcycle-ganged the fuck out. I don't want to hide my bald spot. I want to draw serious attention to it.
  17. Sounds sorta assy. I passed my driving test with flying colors. Of course, I took it when I was 17 and had been driving illegally since I was about 15.
  18. 26SidedCube


    That you little homie? If so, props- I've got nothing but respect for anyone that can rock flatland.
  19. Ja Rule looks like what would happen if you washed Snoop in hot water.
  20. AFKJAFKAJF. The only way to beat that picture is to close this thread and pretend it never happened.
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