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    This thread is a daily reminder of how I wish I had more disposable income to partake in all these sick but fickle trends.
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    Strangely I don't really find Desus all that funny. Like yeah he has his moments, but Mero I feel is the funnier one by far. The accents/impersonations are too damn good. The Dominican dad, Jay-Z, Tekashi 6ix9ine... lols for days.
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    John Elliot Fall / Winter 2019
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    A few imperial stouts I’ve had recently. Nothing better when the weather is cold and wet
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    cheesy tits had me thinking and it's gotta be a no. her poor kids getting those cheese slices on their school lunches next days.... TRash.
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    S/o to OMB on the 500 pages. Thanks for the many sleepless nights kept occupied, and memories brought back. From time to time I still go back to 1 and start over. Killer page.
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    She can probably shart live cockroaches at will. Smash!
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    I dunno. It's just not there like it used to be. I mean yeah, I think about it. But it's not enough to get me off my ass to go find it. Especially because I wouldn't know where to find it anymore. I mean, I'm sure I could sit outside the needle exchange or something. But even if I did that, I look so much better now... healthy weight, nice (enough) clothes, cleaned up... whoever I asked would probably just figure I'm a cop. Plus I quit before the fentanyl thing really took off, who knows what you're getting nowadays. People are getting blow and Xanax with fentanyl in it... like really? One thing I've been struggling with though. I met this girl a while back that I've been seeing for the better part of a year. I never got around to telling her about my past. Sometimes I feel like I'm hiding something, other times it's like whatever... it's the past. I'm not trying to let the years I used define my whole life like "oh, I'm a now-clean heroin addict." Fuck all that, that's not my identity. At the same time it still feels like I should disclose. I don't know. She's pretty liberal on all social issues and I've told her I used to do drugs when I was younger, but I haven't gone into detail. Anyways, enough of my shit and rambling. Protester, glad you're still sober and congrats on the anniversary. When the cravings hit if they still do, just remember you aren't missing anything. And yeah, this life definitely has a type.
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    I have been enjoying these warmer days.
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    Melt has taken the crown lately in Asheville. Dude has the biggest and best looking productions. Take a drive down Haywood rd in west Asheville and you will know what I mean. Ill take some pictures soon.. Asheville has definitely changed over the years. It has become a hub for visiting writers. Im really going to put some work into keeping this thread alive with pictures and a couple words hear and there. This thread really got me more involved with graff growing up and it also connected with me with other writers. Its how me and Sicr first linked up. It has been somewhat stagnant for the past couple of years and instagram just doesnt give me the same satisfation that 12oz did/does.
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    So I used to spend like 4-6 hours a day in the yards just benching...so I've had my fair share of these situations above. The backpack is a scary one. I was between two cars trying to get a flick of a Dark piece I think..lines started going and my backpack gets caught on this random piece of metal sticking out of a tanker...It ripped me backwards and thankfully I'm a skinny dude so I was able wiggle out of it. RIP backpack. There have been way too many times where I've almost died between two lines...so now, I don't care if it's a fucking Seen Piece that has been burned by Ja. I'm not climbing shit for a pic.
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