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  1. Those cans are priced right
  2. Iv personally known a couple of these “all country” writers listed above, and they have one thing in common. Rich mommies and daddies that pay their way in life.
  3. I used to skate with zono way before I found out anything before him painting. U prolly know all about sk8nc too
  4. S/o to OMB on the 500 pages. Thanks for the many sleepless nights kept occupied, and memories brought back. From time to time I still go back to 1 and start over. Killer page.
  5. I’ll just put it this way. you are way too good to be on here. Take it to Instagram. You’ll be stupid famous. No need to lurk around here anymore.
  6. S/o to fowl iv seen his shit pull through the yard before, but seeing his pieces in person was a real treat.
  7. Why would anyone let a jazzed up throw ride out on a cryo? No, I’m not a fan. Respect the panels.
  8. Chill, he is down with the insane clown posse crew now. He can now critique anyone he wants.
  9. I was catchin some hands a few years back when I didn’t care about my freedom painting during the day in the wharehouse district of the city where I live (since it has become high end condos) i step out of this doorway and a brand new s550 pulls up and a old dude hops out. I don’t run or anything, but I’m like oh shit what has he seen, and should I dip. He starts questioning me on how he knows me ( iv never seem him in my life ) and tells me he’s some kind of scientist and wanted to take me to go get something to eat. I respectfully denied still thinking he was trying to get around to saying something about me painting. As im negotiating my way of saying I have to go he offers me money to go back to his house with him. I never asked the amount, but damn. That’s the weirdest shit that ever happened to me painting. Why couldn’t it have been a older woman. I told my girl If I was gay that’s the type of shit people fantasize about. My luck.
  10. Hua weekend almost over I was looking forward to seeing a little something
  11. I like how you utilized the whole page.
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