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  1. Don'te Setter

    + ROAD TRIP BENCH REPORT: Oregon, May 2011...!! +

    Oh shit, I had spam in my inbox today
  2. работа для девушек модельной внешности http://lavanagency.ru/

  3. Don'te Setter


  4. Don'te Setter

    SACRAMENTO (City of Trees) California

    That handstlye thooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭
  5. Don'te Setter

    who are you writing for....

    Best answer possible
  6. Don'te Setter

    the NEW sketch thread

    Chill, he is down with the insane clown posse crew now. He can now critique anyone he wants.
  7. Don'te Setter

    strangest/craziest thing you seen while bombing...

    I was catchin some hands a few years back when I didn’t care about my freedom painting during the day in the wharehouse district of the city where I live (since it has become high end condos) i step out of this doorway and a brand new s550 pulls up and a old dude hops out. I don’t run or anything, but I’m like oh shit what has he seen, and should I dip. He starts questioning me on how he knows me ( iv never seem him in my life ) and tells me he’s some kind of scientist and wanted to take me to go get something to eat. I respectfully denied still thinking he was trying to get around to saying something about me painting. As im negotiating my way of saying I have to go he offers me money to go back to his house with him. I never asked the amount, but damn. That’s the weirdest shit that ever happened to me painting. Why couldn’t it have been a older woman. I told my girl If I was gay that’s the type of shit people fantasize about. My luck.
  8. Don'te Setter

    the NEW sketch thread

    Hua weekend almost over I was looking forward to seeing a little something
  9. Don'te Setter


    Do you have the full flick by chance?
  10. Don'te Setter

    Toys post here...

    I like how you utilized the whole page.
  11. Don'te Setter

    Rip 2BUCK

    My girl went down to Miami with her mom. I told her to send me oictures of all the graffiti she saw. This is the first thing she sent me.
  12. Don'te Setter

    Carolina Biased Bench

    Saw some good moms shit in here. Love that fowl work few others. Enjoyed this.