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The Job Thread

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by GucciCondom, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. GucciCondom

    GucciCondom Veteran Member

    Joined: Jul 29, 2003 Messages: 5,558 Likes Received: 168
    Havn't seen one in a bit.

    What do you do for a living?

    What is your favorite job?

    What is the best paying job, demanding the least work, you ever had?

    Me - Unemployed at the time. :dazed:

    Favorite and easy/good paying = working in a construction yard. I got payed 10 bucks an hour under the table for pretty much sitting around. The boss was usually off golfing or out so I had to not slack off like twice a week and wash some windows and bullshit around the yard. I pretty much drank rolling rocks out the fridge and smoked cigs on this hammock everyday.
  2. Abracadabra

    Abracadabra Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Dec 28, 2001 Messages: 22,906 Likes Received: 113
    currently work for an insurance company. the money's good and i do bugger all except hang out here.

    best paying job with the least work was when i worked for an isp in dublin. we spent our days downloading music and movies. we had a whole floor of a building to ourselves at one stage (only 10 people). we used to play football in the office and other pointless activities. and at that job you could call in sick with a hangover and the manager didn't give a fuck.
  3. GucciCondom

    GucciCondom Veteran Member

    Joined: Jul 29, 2003 Messages: 5,558 Likes Received: 168
    That ISP one sounds dope.

    KRON KING Member

    Joined: Sep 2, 2004 Messages: 905 Likes Received: 0
  5. Abracadabra

    Abracadabra Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Dec 28, 2001 Messages: 22,906 Likes Received: 113
    it was fucking rad. the only reason i left was cos they offered voulentary redundancies. i got £3000 and started a new job the next week. free money is hard to say no to
  6. dr.testical

    dr.testical Senior Member

    Joined: May 26, 2003 Messages: 1,236 Likes Received: 0
    working at a liqour store.

    THEMISHE New Jack

    Joined: Sep 3, 2001 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0
    I'm unemployed right now.

    My boy pulls down 36 an hour doing construction..

    TURBOCAPSLOK Elite Member

    Joined: Dec 4, 2003 Messages: 2,550 Likes Received: 1
  9. sarcasm

    sarcasm Elite Member

    Joined: Oct 30, 2003 Messages: 3,352 Likes Received: 35
    I work at Blockbuster

    movies like what, nigga
  10. shaolinmasta

    shaolinmasta Veteran Member

    Joined: Mar 26, 2003 Messages: 7,884 Likes Received: 157
    Work at a pizza shop delivering pizzas, pretty easy job and the boss is pretty easy going compared to my old boss who was a fucking cunt!

    working at blockbuster would kick some serious ass, kick back watching movies all day that would be cool.
  11. Vanity

    Vanity Veteran Member

    Joined: Apr 11, 2000 Messages: 7,673 Likes Received: 6
    best i ever had:

    third shift telephone op:

    i'd roll in there at 11, surf the internet for about and hour on their t3, or whatever, grab the cushions off the couch to set em up near my terminal, and slept until 7 am, being woken up 5 or so times a night.
  12. fatbastard

    fatbastard Elite Member

    Joined: Jun 30, 2002 Messages: 2,880 Likes Received: 11
    Currently- Full time student, and a casual at a temporary tattoo ultra trendy funk teen driven "OMGZ LOLZERS" place.

    Best Job- Oh that would by far be during our state elections when i got paid $20 an hour AND got a free taxi home everynight for working pretty much opening envelopes and doing other ridiculously i remember there were these forms we had to check, so i would take a big pile go to the corner and draw, and because there were so many people on the floor no one noticed what the hell i was doing.. i miss those days.
  13. Ski Mask

    Ski Mask 12oz Loyalist

    Joined: Apr 11, 2000 Messages: 11,114 Likes Received: 209
    I'm in insurance as well. Right now I'm just doing processing in an office where I can roll into work 15 minutes late, dressed in whatever I want and nobody cares. But I Just got licensed a little while ago, so after some more training I'll be easing into a position where I have to dress respectably and deal with the public. Its kind of freaking me out because its a very adult job. I Have business cards for christ's sake. My brain still thinks I'm a teenager. its having trouble comprehending all this.
  14. SukiSukiNow

    SukiSukiNow Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Dec 15, 2001 Messages: 11,303 Likes Received: 702
    my favorite job is a toss up between being a teacher and retail buyer.
    i had so much fun with my students. as a buyer, i got lots of free clothes and the reps treat you like royalty cuz they want your business.
    before that, i was an art director which was fun but lots and lots of work and deadline which i cannot stand.
    now i own a very small retail business and working more than ever not because i have to, but i actually want to. =)
  15. OriginalSin

    OriginalSin New Jack

    Joined: Feb 17, 2004 Messages: 54 Likes Received: 0
    i have the coolest job ever. i run a music store, and im friends with the owner, my boyfriend and i used to live with him, he gets fucked up with us, lets me borrow any amount of money, any time i want, i get off work any time i want, and next year when we open another store, ill be co-owner....real cool shit