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  1. the drama was originated from your dear queer dhabz. i could care less about all this bullshit and this web site. but i forgot to mention my favorite part. i love how he has constantly told me how stupid i am. ok lets see. i graduated in the top 10% of my class of 755 people. he never graduated. i am a sophomore at uta. he sits at home and plays video games. I am solely in charge of a business. yes it is a small one but i run it, he cant keep a job longer than a month. I am a part of special intelligence in the US army, he sits at home and plays video games. Despite my felony charge, i can still get any job in the army because i am ranked a military genius, he sits at home and plays video games. did i mention he is 3 years older than me? Get your priorities straight asshole and try to think before you speak. heres another great point to the ignorance of *****. The past week he has sent over 100 text messages to my phone telling me how much he hates me. When i tried to call him to tell him that a mature adult would use words, he had his mommy call me a slut and hang up on me. seriously, grow the fuck up. We havent even communicated, this is all the shit he has sat around and made up or heard from others while sucking on his mothers tata and crying. grow up, move on, become an adult and then you can try another attempt at being respected. oh and by the by im pretty sure your felony for graffitti is just as bad, if not worse than my theft charge. on top of that, mine will be removed in a few years, not to mention nobody cares because i am an important piece of government property. i know some of you out there actually PHYSICALLY know ***. the ones i know are actually respectable, intelligent human beings. maybe you guys can show him how to be a man instead of a whiny little brat. ***- i wish you the best. I hope somebody will have a heart and care about you, at least as a charity case if not anything else.
  2. not only did i not call m***, but he called from lone star park to tell me that i could go see **. there are a couple guys that i could maybe be interested in at some point and i've never said otherwise. never listen to someone who thinks they know everything. idiot. i wish i was bipolar, then maybe i could use the crazy excuse for spending so much time of the past year with you.
  3. ive been trying to make it a clean break up for months i dont know why he insists on making everything so dramatic. i guess some of you arent stupid afterall.
  4. um ive never called any of your ugly queer ass brothers for anything
  5. why do you continue to make shit up? so that your cool internet cronies will like you more. well guess what...nobody gives a fuck how many posts you have on a graffitti web site. the real world is what matters. maybe someday you can join the rest of us here. if i am such a trick ass whore how come you wouldnt let go for a year? please good god get over me.
  6. let me start by saying that me and dumbass ******* broke up on June 1 2005. Not the other day. He couldnt get over me and well what can i say...... I dropped his ass because he is an immature little bitch and he cant understand when people dont want him around. he then decided that he would bother me everyday despite the fact that i flat out told him daily how much i DO NOT care about him. 1. thats right you werent invited get over it. you are no fun to be around and nobody i know other your family likes to hang out with you. and by the way, **** isnt exactly mr fun either so that isnt saying much and the rest of your fam ily cant stand to look at you. maybe thats because you are a pathetic 23 year old living in your white trash family of 9 people. 2. this dumbass knows damn good and well that i paged him numerous times thursday. we had plans he bailed. he later told me that HE was out being a whore. anyway whatever its completely irrelevent now. im sure that all this bullshit is his own guilt and crybaby ways eating him up inside. 3. he says he didnt call me that night, thats right because him and another lowlife queer were out with "respectable" girls. i doubt it. 4. Kristal yes she is a stripper, no she is not a loser like dumbass. the day she told jon that i was "her bitch" was the day that he called my house 48 times in 10 minutes. no joke for real. he is a damned PSYCHO! the sad part is that after that he continued to pursue me. I did say i didnt like that kristal was a stripper but she does know how to have fun. and considering i am only 20 i like to have fun. too bad he has absolutely no idea what fun is. 5. the look i appartently gave him was a look of disgust because he is such a pathetic human being. why wuold you go to your ex girlfriends work 10 minutes after she tells you how much she wants you to stay the fuck away. 6. i never did you dirty. you stupid mother fucker. I did everything i could to keep our relationship together. i never loan people money especially not for a piece of shit talon that hasnt ran since he bought it. being his girlfriend at the time i felt it would be wrong not to give him the money. its been 4 months since i loaned him the measely $300 and i still have not seen all of it nor does the car run. PATHETIC AS HELL! correct me if im wrong but dont most 23 year olds have working vehicles, houses of their own and jobs? what a fucking loser. 7. you can say i was a thief/ drug addict all you want but the truth is that i met him in the shittiest part of dallas where he was basically a GAY METH PROSTITUTE. I AM THE ONE WHO HELPED HIM GET OUT OF THAT LIFESTYLE. I AM THE ONE WHO TOLD HIM HE NEEDED TO GO TO PROBATION SO HE DIDNT GO TO PRISON. I AM THE ONE WHO BROUGHT HIM FROM THE GUTTER. AND I AM THE ONE IS TIRED OF HIS STUPID SHIT AND IS MOVING ON TO BIGGER (HAHA) AND BETTER THINGS. which truthfully isnt very hard. he is such a drag. 8. no you stupid fuck i wasnt on drugs i was trying to get you the fuck out of my life. there was no us. there hasnt been in a long time. GOD DAMN! And all of you that even listen to his shit are dumber than i already thought. grow the fuck up *slow your roll. no real names.
  7. A green Tree Bicycle Co. shirt, cutoffs and DC flippers. I didnt eat this morning. I had a tic tac yesterday I'm good for a week.
  8. yah that brisket sucked but thats typical for mrs momhabz
  9. zodiddly


    I am selling my BMX bike, it's pretty dang nice, the kind that if you bought it you wouldn't have to get another one for as long as you live. Of course, some people can really beat the shit out of their bikes, but this one can hold up to alot. It's a 21" Standard TRLS250, if you're interested or know someone that is, PM Dirty_habiT. It's going on ebay soon so I just wanted to maybe give you all a chance to get it first.
  10. Favorite food: Rice Favorite rock album: GROSS Favorite color: Green Favorite ice cream: Jamoca Almond Fudge Favorite hobby: Upseting the people that love me Longest amount of time ever spent online: Like 6 hours Longest you've ever held a job: 10 months Highest phone bill (your fault or otherwise): $600 when I was 17 Largest number of cats you've owned at one time: 11 How many tshirts do you own: about 30 Blue jeans: like 20 Favorite vacation spot: San Francisco or Miami How many car wrecks have you been in: 3 Favorite alcoholic drink: Scotch Favorite non alcoholic drink: coffee American or Japanese cars: fast ones How many languages do you know: only 1 but I can speak Spanish almost fluently and a little bit of French and German How many siblings do you have: 4 What do you prefer sleeping in: Big T Shirts...unless my mans with me...than nothing atal One thing that pisses you off more than anything: idiots How many kids do you have: 0 Chicken or beef: chicken Are you a risk taker: occasionally......I always am when it comes to running my mouth Number of people you know that'd pick you up at 3AM if you needed: 2 Do you chew on your pens: yes Do you put the phone's antenna in your ear: :yuck: Do you floss regularly: I try but it just isnt a normal thing for me. How many times have you broken a bone: I broke my cheek bone once How many sexual partners have you had: How many do you want me to have had? Are you dating someone now: yes. Movies or bowling: bowling definately....movie theaters usually suck. I enjoy a good scary or funny movie
  11. Scotch is the best...I like Johnny Walker but I've only had the black and red...I would love any of the others.
  12. I made my grandma an ice cream cake...my boyfriends mom too
  13. I love Florida...the beaches rock. I've been there many times. And yes there is a nice writing scene in Miami...Daytona's only about 4 hours away from Miami and the drive is worth it.
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