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  1. congrats quitster, good luck to you with everything. and for the record, deto is still cool people, even if he does wear thick black rimmed glasses..
  2. do you hate me too sara? :sniffle:
  3. you kids with the coat hanger and kickin people in the stomach bullshit need to grow the fuck up already. Too bad YOUR MOMS didnt get a fuckin abortion. Franky, good luck with whatever the two of you choose. Hey, i'd take the baby if i could and raise it for you guys :)
  4. someone call the waambulance..
  5. chicago has to be on that top ten list..come on.. we're slipping i guess.
  6. hmm..well.uh, sorry about your cat..
  7. a lot of you are very immature judging from your replies in here.. maybe take some time off of 12oz to grow up a little bit.
  8. try being responsible, that would help. I'm not puttin you down or anything, but you both put yourselves in the situation and to take the easy way out (abortion), is pretty wack, but that's my opinion and i'm sure it doesnt matter to you... if you push the issue of abortion on her, shit may get ugly and she could wind up hating you for life and sucking you dry for child support, so watch out with that one. You shouldnt PUSH anything on her. yea, it's your baby too, but it's her body, not yours.. guys gotta realize that stuff. good luck with whatever happens..
  9. like i said before, not that anyone cared, but whatever..im not gonna argue with anybody about religion, everyone has their own views... but.. if you didnt like the pope, that's cool, if you did, that's cool, nobody's obligated to read these threads and reply. Just let the deceased rest in peace without going all buck nutty and bitching. It's really not gonna get anyone anywhere to debate on here. Debating over the internet with someone is lame. End of story. Good luck trying to get your point across.
  10. wtf? is that story some kinda joke?...
  11. ok, it's understandable that some people dont agree with catholic ways and whatnot(i dont), dont really look up to the pope, but damn... have some respect for the dead. If you dont have something nice or respectable to say, then dont say anything at all.. I believe theres 12389798 more threads on 12oz and nobody was obligated to click on this one and hit reply.
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