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  1. Did I touch a nerve? I watch movies to be entertained...and Fear And Loathing really didn't entertain me. Big fucking deal. Save your two bits for someone else. "Just you donkey" Eat a dick..
  2. I got a question then....I understand the trip factor of the movie and how bug it'd be on hallucigens but really....what is the point of the whole thing? Is it just a two hour trip fest or is there a point to it?
  3. I hope you mean forum. I just thought it was complete crap. I might give it another shot though.
  4. Whenever I think of Jackson Hole, Wyoming I chuckle. I saw some of the funniest people in my life there.
  5. So I was at the video store last night looking for something to watch and I decide to get Fear and Loathing because pretty much everyone I know always tells me how great it is. So I put it in and watch about 20 minutees of it. I promptly shut it off after those 20 minutes. I couldn't stand it...the whole time I though "what the fuck is this shit?" Is it just me or is this movie complete garbage?
  6. I can dig. Something in paper chase that doesn't hurt the eyes. more flicks
  7. I saw that tour in Detroit. Shit was hot. I was standing in front of the speakers the whole time and I could'nt hear for a day or so after. I went their to see Senses Fail but I definately think the Bled had the best set. They fucking ripped. But I kept having to push this little skinny fuck off me because he kept putting his ass on my dick and leaning on me...
  8. A lot of good stuff. MPULSE is killer.
  9. They had a big segment on it a few years back on Ripleys Belive It Or NOt...Shit is so hot.
  10. I'm unemployed right now. My boy pulls down 36 an hour doing construction..
  11. I can't deny the skill but he got a goofy ass lisp... I NEED DWUGS!
  12. They've been in the states for a while, there is at least four in my area.
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