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  1. I posted that & I don't know those guys. Don't drag me through your childish internet squabble.
  2. Small post. Please wait till the end.
  3. I have bigger/better quality pictures if you want. Johnnylode@hotmail.com
  4. Part 7. The End. Until next time.
  5. Please wait till the end. Part 1. more..
  6. almost none of his tattoos are finished.
  7. JohnnyLode


    Anyone else find it a tad hypocritical to use this band as a backround song in a video complainging about emo haircuts? I love the band but jeez.
  8. You guys need to post the other details from this video to understand even more. There were more videos from this stop as well. She was doing 51 in a 35 I think. Broken windsheild and tailight, and took a swing at one of the cops. She didn't listen to what the cop said and he asked her many times to get out. She got what she needed.
  9. HAHA WTF. You know this sounds alot like another black comedian's current situation. I wonder why...The idiot alarm is off the scale right now.
  10. I think he should be kept around for pure comedic value. Just disable his thread making abilities.
  11. So this is what Ice did with his remaking on VH1.
  12. 10 officers times 17 or so shots each = 170shots. i dont think anyone had to reload. although thats besides the point.
  13. I think the Rolling Stone mag said a month or so ago that the show was taking longer than its supposed to because Dave and his writing dude were trying harder to make it better than last year and were working just tons.
  14. Listen to power metal sans vocals and you will think you are fucking on horses gallantly riding through hills triumphantly. No really.
  15. 2.68 last time i checked. i never really pay attention.
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