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  1. this photo...i don't even know what to say/think.
  2. trippy moving subway ads not sure if you guys have seen these where you are from..but we jsut got some of these in Chicago on the blue line...pretty crazy stuff..if you arent expecting it..or if you are taking the train really drunk or high it messes with your head.
  3. Best of Cannes : Adidas in Japan and Hong Kong built a running track down the side of a skyscraper - people raced down it by abseiling classic "A billboard for Sunsense Sunscreen in New Zealand. If the sun is out the image of the woman sun bathing is seen, if not it's blank. The text says "makes sense when the sun is out". Great stuff, it actually works by 12,148 pegs and their shadows when the sun is out. Genius."
  4. more.. ^cpb miami... all their stuff is pure genious!
  5. Being in advertising you get a lot of crap. Yes there are lots of bad ads out there, but there are also some extremely good creative efforts worth giving credit to that often get unnoticed. post your favorites...
  6. It works like this.. I start with two options.. such as: Black or White? Someone replies what he/she likes better.. and then writes his/her own such as: Black and then writes his/her own: Spring or Summer? And so on.. To start, here you go.. tits or ass?
  7. love hold em..recently got into playin omaha pot limit...makin some cash that way! its an addiction but i look at is as entertainment with a chance to actuyally make some money you cvant go to the bar adn come out with couple hundred for paying for beer.
  8. TRUELY AN AMAZING PIECE OF PERFECTION!! you get two trial months free of xbox live with the game!! and it works instantly!
  9. LEAN LEFT AT BREATHE (whoo whoo hee whoo whoo hee) best pooping advice ive ever gotten!
  10. http://www.isaveclub.com/ i was jsut wondering if anyone on here has heard of this/tried it to see if its for real? it has the making of a scam...but looks semi-legit it's only $20 to find out...... talk amongst yourselves.....
  11. about:blank


    any updates?? we've been patiently waiting
  12. for the love.... BUMP anyone know if his website is up yet???
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