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  1. I'm glad we hear from you every so often Kabar. Very informative. pffft. informative. what a gay word.
  2. I dont know why I seem to loose tier's. The first time I forgot to flick it, this time I'm positive I flicked it, I remember resizing it also. I think I might be going around there tommorrow. I'll make sure and grab a flick.
  3. Going naked has always worked for me. Give it a try.
  4. Damn you! You beat me to it. I shall post mine anyway, because no one else seems to care about posting pictures anymore. ;) I apologize for not having photographs of Tier2's piece on the wall shown above. I had taken one but apparantly I lost it. If anyone happens to go that wall, I would appreciate it if you would take a picture of it. Thanks. ^^ Human Excrement ^^ Thank you! crotch.
  5. Keep it real and rock a glockenspiel.
  6. Not much. I know Torn has pictures, but he does not post anymore. :yuck:
  7. I hope you are not implying that i am ser. i just caught 3 of his freights on the same line. I also think that ser has a "fresh" style.
  8. I wish pm's would work. Er...e-mail- waseface@yahoo.com
  9. Done. The majority of my pictures are not of a good quality. I do, however, think they are worth showing though. Thank you for your time!
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