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  1. although i appreciate their effort
  2. already checked and i can't find him
  3. yeah i doubt it and i don't even know if he goes there anymore
  4. Hey so im trying to track down an old friend of mine. I have an old Califorina ID of his. One problem is his last name is Lee so i can't really look in a phone book or anything. I have an idea of the area that he lives in but im not sure. I only know what college he went to. I don't want to pay money at some site but i guess if it comes down to that I will just wondering if any of you junior detectives out there got any smart ideas for me. I never done this before.
  5. its strange this came up cause about a week ago i went over to my friends house and he told me this crazy story. he knows this porn star (not that hot) and hangs out with her here and there. anyway she was over at his house with her husband and she had been to a hypnotist a week ago. the hypnotist did some thing where every time he said BOOM she would have an orgasm. they had him say it on her boys answering machine so she puts her but up against my buddies crotch and plays the message and has a fuckin orgasm right against him! when i heard that shit it blew me away. Id been to a hypnotist before and started thinkin about how fuckin awesome that would be to learn that shit. I tried findin more info about it but couldnt find shit at the library and all the stuff on the internet was schools you have to pay for im not sayin this cd works (probably doesnt) but dont mean I wouldn't love to know how to do that shit!
  6. this guy shoe needs to stop looking at revok pieces other than that great flicks
  7. Hey, Im putting out a big graffiti magazine, same quality as Clout only more diverse graff and more pieces. Anyway Im tryin to get an interview with Hindue. I know someone that knows him but hes pretty unreliable so im just gonna try it this way. If he wants to hit me up he can. Durdenwasright@gmail.com
  8. Qwel has some amazing lines in one of the typical cats albums: "Make you scared to drop shit like school stalls with no doors" "Just cause i stand over you doesnt mean you understand me" "You couldn't beat me to death if i let you jump first" "Try pressin promos on boomerangs them shits is cheaper" "Never got toys like christmas in the projects" "Ill knock you out the frame like christmas pictures with your drunk uncle" oh yeah and check my sig too beastieboys come the tightest
  9. haha damn you guys suck not one good movie! if someone wants to get rid of this thread go for it. please
  10. I just finished 3 books so im done on reading for a little bit
  11. So my buddy is letting me stay in his dorm room free rent and food for one month. The dorm is two blocks away from blockbuster so i got a one month pass where i can rent as many movies as i want. Im also a film student so ive seen a million movies and block buster doesnt carry that much at all. im running out of ideas i was hoping someone saw a good independent movie or classic from blockbuster and would let me know about it. movies ive rented in the last few days: Team America -wanted to see the extra features Nothing- awsome movie by the guy that did cube Undead- awsome zombie alien shit High Tension- better than I ever could have imagined Be Cool- Lame, not half as good as the first but great opening scene Susperia- Dario Argento Rocks to bad his writing is lacking great movie either way Cronos- Very strange kinda cool kinda strange very drawn out Manson Family- Art house cool but boring Cursed- Some how turned out to be cool plus CR is fucking hot oh and then kid from Roger Dodger is in it Return to OZ- Dope but short Swimming with Sharks- AWESOME Kevin Spacey rocks Running Man- "Don't forget to send me a copy" YES! Hard Eight- SOOOO GOOD PT Anderson rocks Devils Rejects- 2 hour documentery YEAH! ok thats it so far im way into horror and wierd shit but if its just a really good movie like Hard Eight then please tell me. THANKS
  12. ok im 13 i find a porn on the street guy takes a hooker home there just about to fuck he comes up from behind and whispers in her ear "can i cum on your shoe?"
  13. this is a setup for a joke ... ok, i'll bite. "i dunno, how fucked?"
  14. convert the number of pearls in a row into binary. add each binary number together, using regular 10-power rules. if the number is even, you are safe. if the number is odd, he has the upper hand. make sure to take out appropriate amounts so that when you add the binary amounts together you have an even number. ... there. not so hard, i did a final paper in mathematics on this damn game. edit: once you start getting rows with one pearl only in them the rules change around ... so if you have 1,2,1 you wanna make it 1,1,1 which is odd added together ...
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