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  1. why do you chinese people right in english and not in chinese letters?????????????
  2. someone

    Rap Lyrics

    ^^^ nobodies gonna read all that caps locked versed bullshit and immortal technique? hes iiight "ice ice baby/ ice ice baby/ check out the beat while my dj revolves it/ ice ice baby/"
  3. i swear, if i was a witness to a crime, i wouldnt know a damned thing about giving a description of the criminal, id be like, ummm, he was white, and about my height, i dont remember if he was my height actually, i dont know his hair color either, he was just like a white guy, a regular ass white guy, i couldnt pick him out from a line up either. im bad when it comes to taking good looks at people i dont know. very bad. so you can rob me today, and come backt o me a month later and be my friend.as amatter of fact, i still suspect a dominican guy of robbing me and then working with me in the sa
  4. i wish there was more diversity in the world. like green people, blue people, more midgets and giants, and deformed people roaming the streets freely, ya know? and just straight up aliens everywhere that are completely different from each other. i get tired of seeing the same white girl again and again and again.
  5. someone

    Rap Lyrics

    in nyc ppl get killed for ipods
  6. someone

    Rap Lyrics

    like a cup of virgin blood/mixed with 151 one sip will make a nigga flip! -nas one mic
  7. same to me. whats the deal with that? why do all white girls look alike, and all asian guys look alike, and all blacks look alike, and all indians look alike, and all hispanics look alike, and all arabs look alike, i mean, its way more serious when it comes down to white people and black people and asian people and indian people, those four people always look exatly alike. i swear i could look at porn with a white girl in it, and jack off, then go out and that same girl could be the bartender and i wouldnt catch on, i only assume that all white girls do porn. and asians too. fuckin sluts. ch
  8. this is post 21 on this page so noww your only 19 posts away to filling up the page that makes the 20th post from now the first post on page 5 your almost there bloody derkk keep it up
  9. -post in this thread (check) -pilgrimage to hajj in mecca saudi arabia
  10. the only ronald americans care about is the mcdonalds guy.
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