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  1. This came to mind almost instantaneously, sorry.
  2. Avancier


    ^^^Whats good with you? Hit me on the AIM.
  3. Avancier


    Probably one of the sickest MC's out right now. Discuss.
  4. This is how I eat during the work week. It breaks down like this: 10 cans of Chef Boyardee assorted pastas - 1 can for breakfast, another for lunch, 5 days worth a bottle of splenda sweetened apple juice - in between beers, and whenever a bottle of real orange juice - first thing in the morning drink 3 assorted microwave lean/healthy meals - dinners 4 packages of ginger soy albacore steaks - dinners whole green beans - goes with albacore a sixer of Steel Reserve - rationed to two per night 4 pack of Redbull sugar free plus a loose one - to counter the after-lunch itis at work.
  5. Fuck all of that hyped up shit, I dress like its 1996. I rock the Polo, Nautica, and Tommy Hilfiger shit with the New Balance 574's or the Air Max III's. Top it off with a North Face parka when its cold outside. And I dont wear my hats all flat billed and big and fitteded either.
  6. Avancier


    Fuck that, that shit is straight ASS.
  7. ^^Gimme the link to the neverending story thread.
  8. I, for one, am anxiously awaiting these pics.
  9. ^^ Dunno, but I am still interested to know what ever happened to the Russian Chris and Paulie left in the Pine Barrens that ran away.
  10. I always wondered, how can a nigga be so god damn ugly? And his bald head, is that one of those fake bald heads, cause why the fuck would a black nigga rock a McGovern?! Honestly, I dont think hes got any real "skill" per say, its just that his shear size and ugly ass mug intimidates the fuck outta his opponents.
  11. That one dude, Gino, who wants to move to Florida, you never really had him in any episode in the spotlight like he did in this one. Thats wild how dude went out. Tony and Carm seem to have a jones for sushi and uncle June is going to shit. I am always surprised at what the writers of the show throw at us, what a great fucking series.
  12. Ive always had a thing for Dog's wife. You know she aint a natural blonde either. Sexy in a sorta trashy way, and I like them big white girls.
  13. This thread is played out like British Knights/ LA Gears with the lights/ Vanilla Ice, and black shorts thats tight with pink neon stripes designed for riding bikes/ been doing this since little tykes now we just getting nice/ building with niggas, spics and kikes name your fuckin price.
  14. Ya'll dudes gonna make me url my henny/hypnotiq combination with this hair-metal groupie talk.....
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