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  1. gigan

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    the cover is corny as fuck... it's not a romantic comedy!
  2. gigan

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    the thin red line is one of the very few war films that i really love... along with paths of glory, my name is ivan, apocalypse now (original)... i'm just not a fan of the genre in general.
  3. gigan

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    you need 'vobsub'.
  4. gigan

    I hate Southern Californian Asian People

    i'm asiaannn, i might be moving to socal. i'd root for the warriors, but i'm actually a celtics fan.
  5. gigan


    is that dude rocking stan smiths?
  6. gigan


    has this been posted? hefty records mix by edIT... basically mashups of bleepage from hefty with hiphop. http://www.heftyrecords.com/Hefty_Flossed_Out.mp3
  7. gigan

    The Most Underrated...

    organized konfusion - stress: the extinction agenda
  8. gigan

    World Cup Germany 2006

    forza azzurri
  9. gigan

    I have a new crush

    i'm 'in love' with mariska hargitay from law&order svu. not her best picture but whatever.
  10. gigan

    sopranos season 6 trailer

    thanks " you all right mate? don't look it. someone taking the piss, are they? liberties? what? that cunt through there? what's he said to you? it's all right mate. you can tell me. he said that? just like that? no... that lump of shit said that? expects you to take that? what, does he think you're a cunt? i'll sort him out for you, shall i? it's not a problem. can't have that. "
  11. gigan

    sopranos season 6 trailer

    http://media.putfile.com/Sopranos-Season-6-Trailer does anyone know if this is for sure the last season? i've read that it isn't.
  12. gigan

    Top Ten Favourite Athletes of All-Time

    here's 6 in no order. 1 for every sport i follow/can think of: cam neely mike tyson alan shearer larry bird barry sanders don mattingley and i love this photo:
  13. gigan

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    hmm... maybe my favorite tarkovsky film.