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weekend edition


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so whats everyone plans this weekend? I'm gonna get faded and go explore some abandoned buildings and hopefully finish this sketch ive been working on if my shoulder feels better and I can draw pain free. Maybe go hit the beach with my girl a few friends, sound system and through a little thing on the coast tomorrow night.

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spent last night priming a wall for a mural and got rained out after getting the base coat on the wall. have to paint the mural today and get wrapped up by 4 to deliver desserts to a wedding. have to get drunk and announce the wedding party at said wedding. wake up with a shitty hangover the next day and replace the power steering line on my VW. prep for a wedding consultation after that. hopefully have some time to order prints after that. just a typical weekend.

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Have a paper to write, figure out who will watch my puppy for a few days, shower, shave, poop one mo' 'gain, read a book, buy a ticket for the metro north, work tonight.


Going on a little vacation this week so I'd like to get as much done as possible today. Hard to do when you're hungover from the night before.



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chicago is better than your city. here's proof.



*this party takes place every MONDAY night



All this proved to me is that chicago has some party with SHITTY! dj's, dudes who generally look like complete douches, and skanky whores. You can generally find those anywhere and the ones in my area are much better then that.



Just woke the fuck up, ate bacon cheesy shrimp wrap and some otter pops gonna have a beer and head over to this spot to paint and explore.

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i ate decent pizza tonight and fucked around on flickr. decided that HDR pictures are beat as shit and to never take or enjoy them. the girl has been wasted texting me shit that isn't english and its irritating ... i shut my phone off.


i work tomorrow and sunday. and then monday. my current job is garbage

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