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En Sabah Nur

Philosoraptor: On Relationships.

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Hypothetical thread for ponderin' to.




If you know you would be willing to break up with somebody to leave them for a specific other person, would you already be dishonest for staying with them even if it doesn't happen?


Or, if someone made it clear to you that you could steal them from their current squeeze, even if you were alright with the dude, would you do it?


If you could smash your friend's mom, and she was only slightly below average, would you do it just to talk shit to him afterwards?


If you where somehow certain that your first relationship was your soulmate (ha), how long could you go before you decided you needed to fuck somebody else out of sheer curiosity?


Would you speak now or would you forever hold your peace?



(feel free to swap genders to whatever fits your fancy, i'm making the bold generalization that most of the people reading this will be straight males... judging by... the rest of the internet.)

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so i should stand up in the middle of a wedding with a big stop snitchin sign?


Yes...by doing so you will only make the occasion that much more memorable. Extra points if you take a dump on the bride's stupid 15 foot long head tail/veil thing and then yell "YAH MULE! YAH!"

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