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***Streaming Service "Instant" Watch***


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I like documentaries or bio's of artists, probably boring to most of you fuckwits.



Japanese guy who became president of Peru:











Fucking Rad Oliver Stone documentary.









Documentary on massive art collection being stolen from dead guy.


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thanks dewds. i know a whole lotta motherfuckers got da flix.

most times i spend forever just trying to figure out what to watch.

this thread oughta help. hopefully.



caught this the other day. seent before. no idea it was on instant play.




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Yea, I was thinking about starting a thread like this, netflix is cool and all but it's lame to browse through.

After you rate a few it's easier but still almost impossible to find new shit.


Don't be lazy and post a fucking link.


agreed. to the fullest. and the rating is so fucking off most times anyways imo.


*double post

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