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  1. Cro.

    The Nonsense thread

    i came home to find all my xbox games were gone and so was my old n64
  2. Cro.


    rip to the homie
  3. Cro.

    Fuck you. Sleep on the couch.

    waking up to some shit like this all of the days i win
  4. Cro.

    Fuck you. Sleep on the couch.

    cool thing about being homeless: dont give a fuck where i sleepl
  5. Cro.


  6. Cro.

    Your Art Thread

    been fuckin around with this tablet
  7. Cro.

    The Walking Dead.

    YO AND THE FUCKIN TIGER/ goddamn. i think the show could do to chop off ricks hand now that the other one handed character is dead. makes him way more of a badass