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Utah interview

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It’s official: Utah, is finally a free woman, after sitting down for a 6 month bid on Rikers followed by an additional sixer in Boston. Debt to society now served and free to admit that she is indeed the infamous daredevil that has adorned the world’s trains and walls over the last 10 years, the 27 year old student and artist is ready to take on the internetz with her new blog.


Just so you know, I am lucky enough to call her a friend and got to catch up with the very pretty, petite, and unusually chipper young lass, who was kind enough to grant an interview. That and more after the jump…


If you’ve never heard of Utah, either you know nothing about graffiti, don’t read the paper, or live in a cave in Williamsburg. Her arrests and subsequent court appearances produced numerous write-ups in the media in the last couple years – the vast majority of which have painted her and partner/boyfriend Ether as a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. But there’s more than that – Bonnie and Clyde robbed banks for riches, Utah and Ether painted cities all over the world for nothing more than the satisfaction of getting over and leaving with a nice photo of their work. Being that nowadays risk for anything but monetary reward is pretty unheard of, Utah stands to remind us that self-satifaction can still be found elsewhere, and that somethings are worth doing just to do them…






read the rest here:




(CLAW's blog, check it out)


and it was linked on here:




(cool english blog, check that out as well)

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if you read this thread and like it post something to keep the thread up the top of the list instead of shit that is years old like that fuckin why do guys pick graff over girlfriends thread

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garbage ass interview

whats jail like

what did you do in jail

whats the hardest part of jail

did you make any friends in jail

do you still think about painting

which jail is better

whats your favorite meal in jail


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oh, so you love the first season of twin peaks huh.





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boston's a tough place to do time in. other than that, that's all i can add to this...


i knew girls that were locked up in cali with a bunch of mexicans that said it wasn't that bad. pretty sure girl jails are a lot easier than guy jails. could be wrong on this though.

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i dont kno about that.

Guys can usually get along

Women hate each other by



After a year in jail i'm sure the

last thing she wanted to talk about

or think about was jail.

Utah FTW. Interview kinda


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this spot looks so sweet, after seeing it i dont have to add any sugar in my coffee tomorrow.


its so sweet children would trade a bag of halloween candy for it


so sweet it makes koolaid taste like sour milk


sweet, well you get the point.

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Yall trippin


I googled this bitch and shes hurt as fuck


Only reason she's a smash is cause shes got a vagina


What about chick with the suspenders?

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To me, graffiti is something you go out and do, not something you hang out and ponder the greater socioeconomic meanings of. Its funny, with my case being in the media so much, it seems that everyone has come out of the woodwork with some sort of opinion about graffiti. It for sure amuses me to have made everyone think so much about something I give so little thought too.




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