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  1. thats funny cuz that where the dirty whore is living....
  2. im done with chicks and 12oz im going gay...... well not gay....... but chicks .......never again........all lie......all hoes take care 12oz paint on bros.
  3. why is it every girl i ever liked turns out to be one of these? :mad:
  4. dam everyone has hella good karma points in this thread ..... wtf? O_o yo working out is sik with it .......... but not that stupid weight shit .... its all about pullups............ yadig.
  5. chicks who drink soda pop are gross true story
  6. king nace foreal i seen he still got a spot by me -ill flick it soon - when i get a camera - peas


    yo send me pix from them blackbook homie ;o n them flix was nice u sent ... thanks
  8. yall dudes are lame if u actually reading then posting bout it on 12 oz the fuck is wrong with yall flava
  9. yo i looked @ man torso again i take that back TRASH
  10. blck n yellow black nyello id even smash man torso but not the last 2 brauds ><
  11. THEATK


    how does this compare to the double cheese? 29 cents less :scrambled:
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