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  1. spot looks nice. i can no comply pop shuv>front smith usually but it's hard 2 get it to slide for me. try it out sometime. fun easy ledge trick. X Games comes on ESPN in 20 minutes. Already watched the women's street on ESPN3 a few hours ago. Girl with the best grinds came in last in the finals and broke her shoulder or something and had to be taken away by paramedics. my boo Alexis Sablone didn't even make the finals and looked to have some sort of a homeless person's haircut sticking out underneath her flexfit hat. maybe next year Alexis Sablone.
  2. I have no idea what that even means; she rode me reverse cow girl without a condom on for a bump of molly and two beers tho.
  3. RIPS' lady looks straight pissed. I don't think she looks too unhealthy. prob a cigarette smoker. whatever though. Here's a couple ladies of FOTD's past, smash or trash? #1 #2
  4. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Inappropriate_Responder again.
  5. and only you'd know cuz u be chasing black dick around all day homo
  6. got slaughtered in s.k.a.t.e. 2day @ the park. kids play it religiously @ my park. funny thing is the other kid got a letter off just a simple backside shuvit. couldn't land my sexchange or fs flips but i know he ain't got either of those so i'll get his ass next time homies.
  7. peace, love, happiness and namaste upon yourself holmes. your sketches suck 10 times worse. i'll post whatever i feel like whenever/wherever homie. choke on it.
  8. ^let's all sit down and count how many people got mercury poisoning in order for that chain to be that color?
  9. Who cares what anyone LOOKS like to begin with. Also, what kind of paper work would you want me 2 produce there douchebag? This is the internet. Toy around with me and see what happens.
  10. "Pieces of shit like you for breakfast"
  11. white timberland tee boxers white sox
  12. I agree man. Meth, coke, h, most all substances maybe spare some ganja/hash oil can take a hike. Sorry if you disagree.
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