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  1. By the time you read this I will have voted.
  2. I want to fuck the maid at Nucky's house. That is all.
  3. Re: Lil B The Based God SUPER.SWAG.THREAD Yea, he's hella chill in person.
  4. If you use a word enough, it'll store it. Cuss word or not. "Nigga" is in my auto-correct at this point.
  5. Hey... I thought YME stood for "Young Money Entertainment" At least that's what Wayne and the radio taught me
  6. Pear, Ocult, Horns, Logo, Ceive, Swerv, Wire, Grief, Oksy, Rave. Killing the town. Every time I look up, I see at the very least a tag of theirs.
  7. Re: And she loves to show Mero off, of course/smile every time his name shows up in the So Props Mero. I put a couple of my friends on that blog. Well-deserved.
  8. This is comedy listening to a bunch of white dudes discuss the best ways to approach a black girl. I feel like I walked into the wrong conference room but the discussion is too funny to leave.
  9. Learning is FUN(for)damental. Props on this, sir.
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