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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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2 hours ago, nicklesndimes said:

that's quite a clear pic of the moon

The amount of detail you can see of the moon with a pair of quality binoculars is pretty neat.

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4 hours ago, LUGR said:

Have you ever had a chance to be around flying foxes?

 yes mate i sure have (not like patting them but they are big part of the night time ecology in sydney)


I've even posted some on here back in the mists of time.


somewhere I've got a pic of one in a fight with a possum just outside my bedroom window.


not sure if anybody remembers boner bat who got zapped touching wires and ended up on here years ago

Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 3.37.28 pm.png

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For all those doubting me stating that my city is overran with crackhead zombies, look at this den of cracktivity around the corner from the state's biggest university I pass on the way to my training course I am doing.


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from walking the dog this morning.

Big Ol' Roo watches us as he guards his females.

dog was torn to chase him or stay well away.



the females/joeys

on the left in the grass appears to be a joey




the frogmouths are back again

this must be year three of seeing them.


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Well as I can't really speak on that non-ending, and as the reformed founder of Team Alco, it is all about the meme for me as that was the funniest comedy movie I have seen in years, but I am sure that those who wish to preserve the Vatican and the paedophiles which lurk within, and so not delight in seeingthe hawker pests of the Spanish steps of Rome to understand as I do.


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