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you're alla bunch of dykes! i knew it!

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Other breasts drive women wild


THE boobs of happy mums can put other women in the mood for sex and spark wild fantasies, according to a new study.


The bizarre findings showed women who were exposed to other breasts experienced rocketing sexual desire and a massive increase in sex fantasies.


The research, carried out to help develop therapies for women with low libido, involved asking new mums to insert special pads into their bras.





The same pads were then sniffed by half of the study group and the findings showed that women with regular partners, who were exposed to the smells experienced a 24 per cent increase in sexual desire and 17 per cent increase in fantasies.


Professor Martha McClintock, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, believes the odours linked to breast-feeding and mothering trigger a sex impulse in some women.


Around 90 women, who had never had children, then spent two months taking part in the study.


About half the women sniffed the pads from the breastfeeding women, while others sniffed pads that had another scent acting as a control.


The researchers found those women without partners experienced a 17% increase in sexual fantasies.


Meanwhile, those in the control group with partners reported an insignificant decrease in sexual desire.


Women without partners in the control group experienced a 28% decrease in fantasies.


Prof McClintock said: "We knew there are other species in which the females use social signals from other females to help identify the time when they become pregnant and have offspring at optimal times.


"We wanted to find out if that was the case in humans.


"In previous work we showed an increase in sexual desire during the three to four days before ovulation.


"In this study we found that being exposed to these chemicals sustained sexual desire during times in the cycle when it would normally be lower than peak.


"This could be used for the treatment of disorders of desire. A lot of basic research would need to be done to identify the specific compounds involved.


"For men the major sexual problem is erectile disfunction for which there is Viagra.


"But for women it is a disorder of desire and there isn't anything as effective."


The study adds to the growing body of evidence that chemicals called pheromones trigger sexual desire and an urge to reproduce in women.



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