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Everything posted by hatetown

  1. Dear leg, Hurry up and get better so I can do stuff again, Love, me
  2. Thinking to myself "What Would DAO Do?"
  3. Harvesting turnips in Harvest Moon on the SNES
  4. hatetown


    Ankle still healing and I'm walking but just barely. Gotta get my leg muscle back in shape. Ankle still really stiff and it kinda hurts to walk but I'm making progress.
  5. I believe there's a copy (of the Subway Lives book) for $50 on Amazon which is a lot cheaper than how much they were going for about 2-3 months back. Last I checked it's because the book was out of print and the author died some-what recently. I got a copy of the Million Ja Tags book by Nov from CarnageNYC whenever he first dropped it so I got kinda lucky but if you manage to find a copy of any of his books I highly recommend snagging them.
  6. Should we turn this into a recovering alcoholic thread? I don't drink anymore except occasionally and actually, drinking is why I broke my leg about 2 months ago lol
  7. Some shoes that help w/ ankle stability. Broke my leg almost 2 months back and finally got the ok to start with PT / walk with shoes on. Might post a thread on it w/ updates cuz shit's been rough and I need a place to post to vent.
  8. I drank an alcohol today
  9. Inkhead turned me onto this one. Some cool stories about JA and other 90's writers as well as other non-graffiti related stories.
  10. A philly cheesesteak on an amaroso roll
  11. Fun fact: DAO's freights were some of the first I ever benched when I first got a digital camera
  12. Luis Guzmán is one of the more underrated actors who has had so many roles in so many random movies I've seen
  13. Oh shit there's an ENTERTAINMENT section of the forum now. Please close thread as I was high and didn't notice there's like a bunch more sub-areas to this site now.
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