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  1. Start selling drugs to pay for paint. Or just steal it.
  2. Tony Sirico walkin into heaven like
  3. Learning how to actually crack an egg the proper way (experienced chef/kitchen idiot 10+ year here). Took me about 2 eggs to be able to perfectly crack an egg all the way around in one gentle bash onto the counter and then dump it into the pan (all with one hand). In my defense, I usually just made scrambled eggs all the time anyways but have always liked eggs over easy just would always end up with egg shell in the fry pan cuz I'm an oaf who couldn't crack an egg properly.
  4. If you ever come to the Chicago area, make sure to go to this place called Gene & Jude's and make sure you LOUDLY ask for ketchup if the store happens to be busy.
  5. NYC got that :fireemoji:
  6. Stopping at the old yellow Wendy's every time we'd take a trip up north to visit family. God, I miss old school yellow Wendy's.. especially biggie sizing my fries and drink.
  7. I strip down and get completely naked
  8. Celebrating my dogs 12th birthday. Made her a burger and got her a doggy cookie from this bakery.
  9. Practicing my SF bus flows even though I've moved from the Bay years ago
  10. Lukas Haas another underrated actor imo and also cool dude in person.
  11. Mom got me this last xmas and just started to read it. Loving all the juicy gossip so far.
  12. Dear leg, Hurry up and get better so I can do stuff again, Love, me
  13. Thinking to myself "What Would DAO Do?"
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