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  1. digging the line widths on the owl
  2. one time I consumed a taco, it made me happy
  3. ^holy fuck that was awesome
  4. semi true, do some freelance design on the side tpbm has ruined a friendship by moving living with said friend
  5. lush you queerosexual, quit painting dicks on my fence
  6. that fucking clit made me gag but definitely wasn't worth a ban, long story short don't go on 12oz at work if you're worried about getting done by your IT team. the place is fucking dead anyway, i'm sure you can find somewhere else to burn working hours online.
  7. packing up my meager possessions and heading out of the desert , fucking finally
  8. you can barely tell the difference, super subtle
  9. did somebody say digital graffiti?
  10. old illustrator doo dad, just happened to fit the theme
  11. I don't really dig celebrating the whole British landing thing, celebrating Federation day is more appropriate (in my humble opinion) but that's on January 1st so we wouldn't get another public holiday :( invasion day blah blah blah. kick back, have a beer with some friends and quit your bitching. Australia day is fine if you're not a fucking drongo starting shit with the brown people somewhere.
  12. getting ready for the night shift, watching spartacus gods of the arena, eating nasi dagang
  13. sorry to hear about your boy, keep your head up.
  14. ^like when drunk people suddenly turn in to lawyers when they're getting a new set of bracelets fitted, always makes me laugh i hate it when the cable signal cuts out in the middle of a dope movie because of shitty weather,
  15. watching attack the block, sketching, should be sleeping because I've got work in 3 hours
  16. overestimate how much we care, you do. mmmmmmmm.
  17. laughing at my ex's new boyfriend trying to intimidate me via text. best part is she left me because i was too unstable and now she's with a guy who can't hold his booze and is angry my dick was in her first. class.
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